Moving to Jordan from US the red-tape?living cost, money transfer etc

Hello all! My name is Lilly and I am 'considering' Jordan as a home, but I have many questions...How does an American from Colorado move to Jordan, what is the red-tape?

Can I live there and still keep my American Citizenship?

What about money transfer or receiving my social check?

The language barrier, and if I must work, which city would be better for me, is Jordan safe for single women? What is the cost of living there?

I would appreciate any info on these Q's.

Thank you!....


Hi , email me please , so we can talk .
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Hi Lilly. You should probably start a new thread to ask your questions in the forum as this topic is more for introducing yourself than Q&A and you would get more responses that way. But as a quick answer to a few things- yes you can still keep your American Citizenship. And as far as accessing your funds.  I keep my bank account in the USA and just use the ATMS here no problem if I need to but I also have an account at a jordanian bank to avoid fees. As far as the other questions a little more background would help. Social check?  Are you retired and mean social security?  Are you coming alone and don't know anyone?  Do you have someone that would be able to sponsor a residency permit for you?  What is bringing you to Jordan and what type of area and lifestyle are you looking for?

Hi Lilly,

Welcome to! :)

I created a new topic as from your post on the Jordan forum. ;)

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Why you consider to move to Jordan, is my first thought when I read your post.

If you want to work here and where , depends on your education, skills and experience. Most expats lives in Amman but there are also some who lives and work in/at the dead sea or in Aqaba .
Knowledge of Arabic is a must if you want to work in a local company. And even if you want to work in an international company it's highly recommend to know the Arabic language.

Jordan is a safe country, also for single women. But like anywhere else you to keep some precautions in mind.

Hello ,if u want to move to jordan amman is the best and u have to consider that living costs is very high in jordan and its safe for women but i dont recommend it coz people here is so racist and grumpy and they are proud that they are grumpy

Hello ,
For girls and women Amman is better to live , and specially the west area .

Language won't be barrier if you hang out with friends and places who speaks both Arabic and English and believe me there's lot of them here .But if you're working it's good to know Arabic language.

Living coast probably will be shocking to you as Jordan is more expensive even than London or NY , so you gotta think and live life like local people not like tourists.

Money transfer not an issue , Western Union service everywhere .


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