Kulfee Malai prices

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Can anybody tell us how the Kulfee Malai is made and what they cost from the street/ beach vendor .... Not the tourist price the Mauritian local price please. What beach/ town  can we find them and who has the best ones? We are visiting in June and would like to try...
Thank you

Hello Semoko :cheers:

The price would be roughly around one dollar (Rs 35) for a Kulfee Malai.

Google for the recipe :top:


Thank you Kenjee,
Are they all same priced or do sellers sell them also for 50 Rupee?
Also where can we find them? Are the sellers on all the beaches if not which beaches are we likely to find sellers?

Thank you very much

Hey again Jorg! :cheers:

In the past there were lots of street vendors, making their own and driving through villages and cities to sell door to door at cheaper prices! 

This is quite scarce however nowadays. You will find branded Kulfee Malai in almost all shops who sells ice creams around the Island (and most do!).

You could also try Kulfee Malai in top Indian restaurants in Mauritius. More expensive, but heard its worth it!


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