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My son

Oh dear Brainiac Nemodot has done it again...offend someone with his hard facts and conveying them with lack of sensitivity. This is not the first too many. He is right in many cases but tone down a notch on deliverance. LOL

I do hope you will reunite with your son soon. May Allah help you with this and keep the baby safe.

My Allah he'll every one with good heart and soul .
The person in question if I can call him a Person . He is or she has not offended me , it only show me the lack of respect and sensibility .
To say it is okay for the mother to give her son for adoption is really really insensitive and furthermore it is my son this narrow minded , psychopath what He or she is talking about .
I really don't what is right has done in his or her life but one thing for sure been abusive toward me show me , not disrespect because frankly a person like him or her I don't need around me or to read his or her comments because as far as I am concerns , he or she as parasites of the society and if society is sick , is because of nut brain he or she have .
God bless and I pray and hope to be reunited with my son and his mother come to her senses and reasons .

Hi everybody,

Can we please stop arguing here?
Do note that there is too much disagreement on this thread and this thread might be closed soon.  :(

Thank you,


Dear Priscilla .
I didn't argued with anyone, some disrespectful and very insensitive people has attacked me .
I started my situation and it is a very hard and difficult situation .
It is about my son , again someone has attacked me without any Facts .
I have a very sad and depressing situation in doing my best to find my son and be reunited with him , some for some reasons disagree with me and think it is okay for a father to be deprived from his son .
He is my only son and I will do whatever it take with respect to society and dignity to human beings to find him and give him the love that he deserve from me and hopefully his mother can get back to her senses , because a child deserve his mother and father first and foremost .
Thank you for your understanding.
I am trying to have a constructive dialogues, not a monologue with narrow mind .
God bless

We simply exist, silent, unaware Busy with minute mundane worldly care occasionally find someone wholl dare to ask why we came, and from here go where?
The hands of fate play our game we the players are given a name some are tame, others gain fame yet in the end, were all the same.
Destiny has gifted us a perfect course to oppose or not follow makes our life worse Instead of useless trial, pain and remorse we better put our cart behind our horse and follow inspirations from our source.
Everywhere I look, I see a sign of an order that is great, divine Even the sweet passionate red wine is the blood in this heart of mine.
Even from the bright rising sun the moon that has playfully spun we learn love, joy, and even fun Before our times sand has run.
From dirt and dust come into view Back into dust for review And the cycles continue; Though same for all, seen by few.
Once transpired, asleep or awake even with sorrow, pain and heart ache nothing will change, nothing will shake you can only look for another break And your chance take, a new life make.

Every joyous moment you waste deprive yourself of heavenly taste Confess, repent, praise, or be chaste towards your grave youll go with haste.
N later days I look behind and with remorse I only find Zestful youth, unaware and blind to passage of time, fate of mankind.
The only constant is times passage Which is the same for both fool and sage To young and old times only message Engage in joy, put away your rage From the unknown set foot upon the stage And leaving this cage one day is your wage.
In the cosmic there is a flow To which you must submit and bow And though you act in this show And seem to move to and fro The plot youll never get to know The only way you get to grow Align yourself with this flow.
rom the electron to distant stars From before the wheel to futuristic cars Weve solved them all, broken all bars Except the riddle of deadly scars.
When intellect is my king Or religion my soul string I clip the bird of joys wing. Drunk with joy, Ill only sing And to this world love will bring.
very beauty that we praise From prior valor must raise. Beautiful face that lovers amaze Becomes a flower upon which we gaze. Beauty transforms from phase to phase.
Let us gather in a friendly group And together form divine loving troop When to dark angel we kneel and stoop Well be taken out of this friendly loop.
Every creature honor and respect Bird or beast, plant or insect If you look at life you will detect From dust to dust, divine intellect.
In our imagination, the Cosmic Wheel Will cause us pain and cause us heal We find our source give life and steal We are phantoms that think and feel.
If you have a perceptive mind And look closely you will find The whole history of humankind Jacobs bloody shirt, even blind.
Anxiously I opened my eye Understanding, try, try, try Reluctantly agreed to die Come, stay and leave, I only ask why?
Death is fair, death is just Longevity, though we lust. Live joyfully, moment trust Else life will have a high cost.

I only follow the path of my heart In desolate desert I make my start I follow my heart, I do my part The path of my heart is what you chart.
Tyranny of fate has made me a slave Whatever I choose, how I behave Is only freedom within my cave; Even if for Paradise I crave This moment to me is all you gave.
Tyranny of fate has made me a slave Whatever I choose, how I behave Is only freedom within my cave; Even if for Paradise I crave This moment to me is all you gave.
We strive in life so in the end Paradise attain, to heavens ascend. It is better our ways amend This moment now, joyously spend.
All worldly things Come with strings Joy beauty brings Of freedom sings.
Alchemical power of joy Our spirits upward buoy Insane is the evil ploy That happiness will destroy.
With love and joy yourself surround Upon this earth roam free, unbound And when youre six feet under the ground Your legacy of joy and love abound.

Some always seek the rational mind Some will appeal to faith thats blind If you turn within, youll surely find Both paths will lead further behind.
Some are in endless pursuit Some seek the forbidden fruit I fear the voice that is mute Cry out, "path aint fruit nor root!"
The tyranny of fate is such Whether we try little or much Our desires well only touch With the help of faiths crutch.
The wisdom that shapes our clay Does so in a caring, loving way Wisdom, care and love will stay The clay is toy to shape and play.
One is great  Who faces fate Before its late,  Appreciate The destined state No matter how much we debate Oppose, engage, or calculate Even try to accelerate Fate only moves at its own rate. Futile is worry, anger and hate Joy is the only worthy mate.
Passing of years Silently bears; The one who dares Joyously cares.

I live life just like a game Joy by any other name And joy till death all the same Even my grave shall proclaim Joy has been my only fame.
The genius that shapes the form Is far above mundane and norm Clay into life shall transform Back into dust by deaths storm.

Joy and sorrow in duality Good and evil in morality Are frailties of humanity; Yet more pronounced is reality.
Id rather be compassionate Than piously destroy and hate God is loving, God is great God my destroyer and God my mate.
When the Creator forged the shape Why was mankind a mere ape? If it were good, why cloak and cape? If unsightly, why this rape?
To be aware of each moment spent Is to live in the now, and be present Worry for morrow shant make a dent Caring for the now, your mind must be bent.
Our world upon joy and love was once built Why is it that we reproach and cause guilt? If we can simply correct our moral tilt, We too will only will what God wilt.

When events unfold with calm and ease When the winds that blow are merely breeze Learn from nature, from birds and bees Live your life in love, and let joy not cease.
This reality that is the world of physical Is in truth a temporal illusion, magical Into which we are born with a joyous call Rule the world for some time until we fall.

In vain we scream, in vain shout And try our best to find out And when its end of our route Whats left is simply naught.
Do not focus upon the size Nor for the worldly compromise Quality is your only prize Transcend your earthly disguise Without fear, without despise With love and joy improvise.
The only secret that you need to know The passage of time is a one way flow If you understand, joyously youll grow Else you will drown in your own sorrow.
In the feast of life vulgar and chaste The same temporal wine must taste Some stay longer, some leave in haste To focus upon the end is but waste.
When we lay down our defense And return to our sense Realize that it is dense To trade the now for hence.
Before to dust you shall return There is one thing that you must learn Sorrow and pain your soul shall burn Joy and bliss to light shall turn.

The palace where Arthur sought the Grail Is the resting home of the weak and frail And the knight who challenged death on its trail On the ocean of death forward must sail Chasing the temporal is to no avail As soon as you go through deaths dark veil.
Every morn I decide to repent at night For embracing the joys of heart and sight Yet every night, what seems right With all my might, embrace delight.
In life devote yourself to joy and love Behold the beauty of the peaceful dove Those who live, in the end must all perish Live as if you are already in heavens above.
O hark, let us not think of the morrow Cherish this moment, far from sorrow Life is a temporal gift that we borrow Whether dead for ages, or leave tomorrow.
Pursuing knowledge in childhood we rise Until we become masterful and wise But if we look through the disguise We see the ties of worldly lies.
Early one morning I heard an angelic chime Bringing news of a loving and joyous clime Pursuit of the unimportant is the worst crime Live in joy & love before the end of your time.
Why was I given life? Why was my seed ever sown? Why having to leave all alone with moan and groan? If the universal wisdom received mine on loan Id never be born, stay or leave, let it be known.
I watched the birds on natures stage Playful, in flight, page after page Thus opened the doors of my cage & learnt each moment to fully engage.
A future fantasy is no more than vain hope With wishful minds for which we grope Id rather improve my current scope  To an upward trend from a downward slope
Same hands that formed Venus and Sun And wove the fabric that makes time run Same hands brought us here, and when done Will leave behind dust, as if we were none.

@ derrarhassane >

You are actually off topic on your own thread, therefore i think that everything has been said here. Do note that you have successfully shared your experience with us. :)

Thank you.

We are now closing this thread.


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