New in Cairo, Im looking for new female friends

Im a girl currently living in Cairo. I know few people here and Id like to meet new people, WOMEN only, for going out, shopping and chatting. Im very friendly, polite and kind.
Thank you

hey :D
iam sarah a student at miscommunication cairo university iam looking for italin to help me in my graduation project
are u interested ?

Hello sarah,
Yes why not?

OK that is great can u send meur e-mail or ur number so we can talk

Hi there
I live in october city
It would be interesting if we could meet
My nick name is sara too

Hello Barbara,

You seem very nice! I am also new (been here since Sept). Lets get together sometime :)

I'm from the USA, you?


Hi Lisa .. Bet by now you have plenty of sweet friends around but if there's a room left for an Egytalian, I'll be glad to be that new friend ;)

Oops sorry didn't notice that you only seek "Female" friends .. My apology for the inconvenience I might have caused.

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