Considering relocating / Retiring to Agadir - Pros & Cons

Hi all! I am thinking about relocating/retiring in Agadir. I

would like to hear from others about the pros and cons. What should I be thinking about?

How difficult is it to get a residence permit and how much money would I need to show?

I have been working in international education for a while now, but don't want to do that anymore.

What would people recommend to help support myself there (instead of just relying on savings)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Annie and welcome to the forum of :top:

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best choice, sunny the whole year :)

Dear Annie,

I am a New Yorker, currently residing in Meknes.  I have been teaching conversational English.  Where are you retiring from??  First of all, I would assume you speak French or Arabic, because you need to speak either one or the other.  I speak a little of both, just enough to get by.  Not to put a damper on your plans, but the climate towards foreigners here in this country has changed since I am here now 3 years, and I plan to go back home.  I am married to a Moroccan so its a bit different for me, but my honest suggestion would be to come here look over the living conditions, hot water in the winter and some form of heat, as well as air in the summer.  Also, its difficult to make friends as the women in general towards a foreign woman is not friendy at all, DON'T THINK TWICE, THINK A THOUSAND TIMES, Please don't make the same mistake I made to think I would live happily ever after here, not going to happen.  The mentality is worlds away and now, at this time in the world, I venture to say, a bit dangerous,  God Bless you and wish you the best of luck, whatever your choices may be, take care,


       I can only help on one point as I'm considering the same option.
You just apply locally for residence status after you've been there 6 months.
Apparently a formality at the Hotel de Ville.
Present your documents and open a Moroccan bank account
Agadir is a good choice, great weather, cheap and Europeanised.
I think it would be difficult to make a living there but perhaps teaching. But you don't want to do that. The tourist numbers have been down for years so there is little slack in tourism. For example, I don't think I've seen a restaurant menu there without a few mistakes in the English version but I can't see how I could make a living correcting them.
The other thing that I worry about is getting local prices, allowing me to stay for as long as possible.
Paying a rent of £250/month, etc. Coming back to employment, I suspect that most would be casual and poorly paid.
I'm working on my French.
Bon Chance.

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