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I plan to arrive in Agadir after Ramadan to marry my fiancé.  This will be a mixed marriage. Has anyone had experience with this process? How long is it? Any recommendations for a wedding place for about 30 people?  Any information would be appreciated!

Hi!! I got married in Agadir last March to a moroccan man. The process was of about one month for gathering all the paperwork and being authorized to actually get married. If you only get married legaly then it´ll be about one month, buy if you decide to do it religiously (which it doesn´t mean that you become muslim) it´ll be faster.
About the wedding location, i have no idea since my wedding was very small and private.

Good luck!!


I badly need your help... am about to marry a moroccan man. Weve been together since 2010... kinda love story... i finally came here after 6years. We want to get married as soon as possible. Am from Mauritius by the way... i need you to tell me step by step the procedure if you have time please
Thanx in advance

It's hard to explain a general procedure as it depends on the country you are coming from. I recommend getting in contact with your embassy/consulate to find out details. You'll need them anyway to get your paperwork done, help with translations or approve your signatures. Good luck!!

all the best to you all. may god bless your marriage and make it easy for you

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