New members of the Netherlands forum, introduce yourself here – 2nd quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Netherlands forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the Netherlands if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi ,

I am not exactly new to the forum but it is my first time posting. I am from South Africa and my husband is Dutch.

We met 5 years ago and we were married last year in Schiedam so that's quite close to Rotterdam and we had a traditional wedding in SA.

We are now in the tedious application procedure for a provisional residence permit and the outcome seems to be taking forever :( we are quite worried about the situation but truly hope for a positive outcome...

Anyways great to be part of the forum and I hope to make some new friends and hopefully build up some kind of circle in the NL

Kind regards
Trishana Bilkhu-Sewsunker

Hi! I will be moving to Rotterdam from Scotland in May for an internship! Really keen to make some friends before i arrive! Im very creative and love the outdoors. Please let me know if you are interested :)

Hi there

I`m swiss and I will move to Rotterdam in august and don`t know yet how long I will stay(rented a room for 6 months to start...) I am a social worker in Switzerland but love travelling around the world, adventures meeting new people and learning more about other cultures and countries. I started to learn just a little dutch here in Switzerland but as you can imagine my dutch is very very poor ;-) So when I arrive in Rotterdam in august I wil start with an intensive dutch cursus and then as soon as I get an acceptable dutch level try to find a little job (not as a social worker as I guess Rotterdam is not waiting for a social worker from Switzerland...) I will visit Rotterdam in two weeks- from mai 9. to may 11. (maybe some of you would be free one of that days just to hang out, see something of the city or just have a chat or a drink?) and would like to already make some friends before I move in august. :-)


Hi all,

I am new to the Netherlands forum.

I have been contemplating to move from Malta to another EU Member State for some time (well, a little bit more than 'some'). Finally, I chose the Netherlands for my leap as it seems to be the right country for me.

Starting off, I do not speak Dutch, and in the NL it seems that there are opportunities for English speakers. Nevertheless, I am willing and ready to learn the language. It would be my 8th language - although unfortunately, I speak fluently only 3 of them since I haven't used the other 4 for some time.

Secondly, the people in the NL seem very friendly. No wonder the NL has been rated the (one of) happiest countries.

Thirdly, and for some this might sound strange, the weather there has been a deciding factor. I hear you ask, "why would one want to leave a country which is sounded by deep blue sea and basking in the warmth from the sun over 300 days a year?" And this is exactly why. I had enough of sea, sand and sun. Also, the island is so small - with it's 312 sq km, it's the size of a small city in mainland Europe.

I was wondering if there is a Maltese community in the NL, and even here on, with whom I can get in touch to learn about their experience in the Low Countries.

I'd be also very happy to hear from anyone else who is not Maltese (Dutch or not) living or planning to move to NL. So don't be shy and drop me a line.



Hie My name is Janet and i am from Zimbabwe, i will be moving to The Hague in August and i am very keen to meet my fellow Zimbabweans in the Netherlands or new people staying in the Hague

Hi all,

My name is Miha and I am living in Netherlands for almost 8 years.
I am new on the forum and decided to join because of busy life it's getting more and more difficult to meet people.
We currently live in Amsterdam, but we might be moving soon to the Utrecht region. We are looking to expand because our 2 year old is taking over all the empty space in the apartment.
I'm looking forward to meet new people and share experiences on different topics.
I like traveling, photography and spending time with my baby girl.


Dear all,
I'm Dejen from Ethiopia, west Africa.
Indeed it's not my first time in the Netherlands, I visited 2 years ago for one month.
This time I'll stay longer and I want to meet with new people around the world and see their culture.
Now I am in Leersum nearby Utrecht and if you time please do text me and we'll meet.
Thanks in advance indeed!


Welcome. I am from Vereeniging, South Africa.

You welcome to contact me. I am in Numansdorp. My boys got to school at Riss, Rotterdam.


Hi Im David from the UK :-)) I live near Waalwijk.....
Anybody from the UK about??



My name is Sibel and I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. I met my boyfriend in Rotterdam one year ago and now we are planning om moving in together. We havent set a date yet but I think it will be in the nearest future. I would love to meet some friend here on my own so I dont have to be stuck to only hanging out with my boyfriends friends.

Im also looking for a job here. I got a bachelors degree in HR but also have experience in both sales and social work.

Kind regards, Sibel

Hi everyone!
I am a nurse from the Philippines and is currently residing and working in Osaka, Japan. I am very new here as I was searching for expat stories in the Netherlands( yes! I am planning to move there in a few months:) I am now reviewing for my dutch civic integration exam abroad and would appreciate any help or tips about the exam and from people who took the same path to get the MVV visa:) I would like to read more forums on how you guys are surviving the wet climate:) and information as well if there are job opportunities for a nurse/japanese interpreter/preschool english teacher in the lowland! But more than that, I would like to find new acquaintances, expats or locals and share our expat stories here and there!

Hi there, my name is Yolanda and we are looking into moving to Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. 

My mom-in-law was born in the Netherlands and she moved back last year and is simply loving it. My husband was born in 1976 to a South African dad. We are hoping to apply for an Option Visa for him and our son (11 years old) that will get us to move to Netherlands in the next 3 years.



hi! . i will be migrat to nederlands soon . i like the city !!! :). i love Amsterdam 😂

Hi all :-) I`m from Switzerland and wil be moving to Rotterdam in 2 weeks. As I move there alone and don`t really know anyone would be nice making new friends here. So if you want feel free to send me a message :-)

Hi Janine :) I'm a Portuguese guy living in rotterdam...   Im 25 year hold and I live here already 5 years but I find difficult to make new friends here..  that why I'm trying trough here... If you are interested I would like to be your friend and show you a bit the city arround..

Hello all. 22 planning to move in with my partner in the Netherlands :)

Hello miha. .My name is Detsy. ..I am new in this place. ..I'm interested In meeting new friends. ..

Hello! Ruan here.  I am from Philippines, lived in Dubai for more than two years, now a resident of Netherlands and currently looking for a job. Looking forward to meet new friends. :)

Hi, I am Jorge from Mexico, moving to Utrecht and would like to meet new people as I am new here.

hello am new am thinking of moving to the Netherlands from Jamaica. I would like to talk to someone living in the Netherlands please.


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