looking to purchase land 20 - 30 acres or small farm in paraguay

Can anyone help us gain reliable info about buying small acreage in Paraguay with an old house or any kind of dilapidated dwelling.  We would like to purchase and rebuild.  We are wanting to find land cheap, less than 1k per acre,.  I can't seem to find any web sites with reliable info.
I don't know if there are any web sites such as that cover the Country of Paraguay?  Or where to look to find a good deal on property.  We have purchased property many times in the USA and almost always the best deal is what you find off the beaten path.    My wife and I are semi-retired and are planning a trip to Paraguay in the next few months i.e. April or may.  Our goal is to eventually move to Paraguay and have a small self sustaining farm.  I know everyone laughs, we both have college degrees and it's our goal.  Thank you very much to anyone who replies.  Lee and Jocelyn. is a great way to find land and properties throughout Paraguay.
Life is certainly slower and much more relaxed.

Hi Jocelynlee,

Mybe you should try to contact a real estate agency and ask for more information.
They might be able to guide you.
Here is a small list : … al-estate/


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello Lee and Jocelyn,

Congratulations on your decision of moving to Paraguay,

I could be of help to find the right property for you, I've successfully closed over 20 real estate deals and I have many resources to find great deals.

Please send me a private message if you need more information

Best Kind Regards

We are kind of on the same situation but I think the best is to rent a place here first and then do your search. This our suggestion.
Victor and Donna Franco
From Chicago

I was wondering if you are now in Paraguay ...

I am going to Paraguay by the middle and/or end of January 2017.

Hi. I shall be moving to Paraguay and looking to purchase a property. Maybe you could let me have your contact details. Thanks

I have lived in s. America and i have been a modest,  profitable biz owner and owned & sold undeveloped land.  PLEASE don't arrive and immediately go out and buy a property....especially if just because it fits your pocketbook and your 'dream'..and even more so if you don't speak Spanish ...and maybe don't have reserves

My experience is that 90% of all real estate for sale or rent in LA is not on-line....99% for raw land.  I have investigated only  4 countries in person but they were all about the same thus my opinion.

You will end up in deep despair if not ruin IMHO.   Arrive, rent, live cheap, travel the countryside, learn the language/customs, most of all make some reliable friends...its not a huge country but the challenges for a foreigner just landing make the country huge.  Don't do anything big for 9-12 months.  If you feel you really need something to do....aquire tools (.  that should keep you busy for three months ), find reliable carpenters, a foreman, etc.   You will be th Rich Gringo and they will smack their lips when they see you need help before you get that far....always have a simple and fair written agreement on anything bigger tha $150 usd equivalent, don't prepay, don't agree to deposits w/o a contract and them signing receipts of payment.... Be polite but business-like. Protect your money and your family with sound judgement.  I made miskakes and learned ....good luck all.

I used to live in the US and 2 years ago moved to Paraguay. 

Did you find what you were looking for?  If not I can suggest some realstate agents that might be able to help.



I am a US citizen that moved to Paraguay 2 years ago.

I agree with your posting. 

Arrive to Paraguay, rent, learn a lot about the different areas and how things work and then start looking for a property to buy. 

Let me know if I can be of assistance. 


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hi there...did you ever find the acreage you were seeking? i'm looking to purchase small acreage as well and any information you can share would be greatly appreciated. if you know of any agencies that have land listed  could you forward it to me.
thank you.

help me find some land to buy . thank you

Well, purchasing land at about 1K per acre may be possible but on towns a bit away from the capital city of major cities in the country.  You should head the advice of those that recommend renting first, getting around the surroundings (i.e. visiting different areas of the country - the Central Department is where people concentrate to live), then making the decision to purchase.   You may not be able to purchase a big piece depending on your budget.  Land is becoming expensive in Paraguay.


Take care,
Eduardo Garay

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After greeting:
I am looking for opportunity in order to move in Paraguay like as   buying small acreages.if you achieved your goal .can you help me .i need your export.

have not had any success in purchasing land in paraguay.....about ready to just give up on the idea of relocating there.  wish i could have been of more assistance to you but i cant.

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I agree with your views in totality

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