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Interested in land 20 to 30 Hector's for retirement countryside cheapist possible by owners. What's going rate for Hector in  that part of the world. Any help appreciated. Thanks god bless

Dear VijayKohly:   My wife and I have land for sale in the Municipality of Pirayu.   We have 10 hectares of land that can become a retirement place to anyone.   The land can be adapted as a touristic resort as there is a beautiful creek crossing it and it has 6 has of trees and 4 more suitable for agriculture and to build a retirement home.

The municipality of Pirayu is located some 40 kms away from Asuncion, it is very close to a well known musical town: Ipacarai.  Our land is very accessible through a well maintained small highway.   For more details including asking price feel free to contact me at: egaray[at]
Eduardo Garay

What's the asking price? If land is free and clear. What r the yearly taxes. How much is the closing cost.

We are asking for US 6,950 per Ha. which totals: US 69,500.  Land is free and clear.  The yearly taxes are less than US 100.  The cost of closing equals to roughly to 3-4% of the total cost of the land (2% land transfer tax sort of thing plus the cost of the Escribano (similar to a lawyer)).

By the way, we live in Canada, whereabouts are you?


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