Settling into Malaysia KL


I have been here some 3 months now and it has not been easy settling in. Work gives a level of sanity but away from it, the loneliness becomes unbearable.

I don't drink and am more into faith, discussing and reaching out to others.

I hope being on this site may change things as enjoyment of any new city is better with friends or a companion.

At the moment my faith keeps me going. Unfortunately being black I am mistakenly lumped into the Nigerian Camp and yet am British of Zimbabwean origin.

May God's grace be with us all.


Hello Sigauke1971 and welcome on board! :top:

Looking forward to read you more here.


Hi Canaan.

       Welcome to I can understand what you are going through. I was exactly in your boat 16 years ago when I moved to America. I moved to Philadelphia, a big city with no friends and busy busy job. But time is the best healer and when you meet people the healing is much faster. I really hope you meet new friends so that your move becomes more smooth. I am planning to move to malaysia by the end of this year with my family.


Hi Raj,

I am receiving contentment, while it is a debilitating experience I am learning to allow the circumstances to propel me higher.

It really helps to receive encouraging messages.

I hope your move to Malaysia will be good. As you have family, it is better.

Many thanks,

Hi Canaan,

        Thanks for the message and wishes. Yes it always helps to have an open mind and arms to welcone everyone into your life. That certainly makes any pain or stress bearable. I really hope if not coming with one, you find a family here soon. 😄😄

Hi have you joined a church? Or the right church where people are welcoming? Also join meetups and expat clubs with similar interests. There are philosophical clubs, book clubs, hiking etc etc. Lots of these around and meet other people not into boozy nightlife but more interesting interests.

Hi, any clubs that you recommend? As I just move here along with my husband and he's working all day so it would be great if there is any place that I can spend time and meet people :)

Hi Canaan,

You need to go to places where there are lots of friendly places such as some of the many churches in KL. Every Sunday they are all very busy, with lots and lots of Filipino's and local Chinese as well as some western people. When I lived in Kl I joined a fitness centre and there also are many friendly people there and often we'd go for lunch together after gym.

It's been a few months since you opened this thread, so hopefully you have already found some good friends.


Hi Siguake.. Welcome to Malaysia!

To be honest any new culture would not be easy to adopt . However Malaydua could be quiet exceptional on this as you have one global mixed culture living under one roof !

However kicking out the loneliness maybe a lil struggle for a new bird but if you are a person with much keen on meeting new people and socializing I am positive Malaysia would be the best place to live in.

You may pair along with those who have same passion as you do., like hiking, arts , traveling , food hainters or just anything . Just keep your self on the loop with social events organized by some social networks like expat blog, meet up ect and I am sure you could somewhere fit your self !

Wish you luck and keep going !

Happy Weekend!!


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