looking to make English friends in Köhln

Hello :-)

I am considering moving to Köhln and would like to meet some new people and find out your views on how easy it is adapt as an English expat. I am originally from South Africa and have been living in Bavaria (Pleiskirchen) for the last eight years.


Hi Tanya,

I've just moved here from Johannesburg, also looking to make friends since my family is still in SA


Hi Jo-Ann,

How are you finding it? I have had mixed feedback about Köhln. What was your reason for moving over? The crime?

Look Forward to chatting to you

Hello am lidia living in Bonn for the last 7 month
Any one who need Freund can contact me

Hi Tanya,

Welcome to Cologne!
Hope, you would enjoy the beautiful city life here.


Hi my name Helen . I would be great to meet up in köln

Hi Helen, how r u?

KavishT :

Hi Helen, how r u?

Welcome Kavish,

Please use the PM system for chat, not the forum  :whistle:

Romaniac Experts Team

HI Tanja,  Koln is beautiful and there is little crime in Germany from what I have heard and from my experience.  All cities feel very safe in current times especially if comparing to Cape Town or Johannesburg so no worries on that score. :)

Hello Tanya! Great to hear to you will be moving to köln.. did you already move? I'm Natassia by the way..let's keep in touch 😊

Natassia:Please note that this thread is quite old and Tanya didn't visit the forum for over 6 months. She might not reply any more.
But you may start a new thread of your own to find contacts in Germany!

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