Anyone in Cologne?

Hi! :) Anyone here live in Cologne, Germany???

Hello bernadettelegaspi.

Welcome to! :)

Could you please introduce yourself?

Thank you,


I'm new too in Cologne!

Yes I do!
and I am quite new in the city!
I am from Italy and i come here to work. I am 29 years old and I like music, sports, and go out with friends.

And what about you?

Hi bernadette dito ako ngayon nakatira sa koeln. Bago lang rin ako dito..many many thanks

Hello sol201314 -> Could you please post in english so that other members can understand? We are on an English Speaking forum. ;)

Thank you,

Hi! Hardly see Filipinos here. Would love to meet some. Been here since last year but I've never met Filipinos here in Cologne.

Hi Rea0305,

Welcome to Expat-Blog :)

Maybe a few words about yourself as an introduction please ?

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Yes I do! :)


I'm new here in Cologne too.
Maybe we could have a get together to some bar or place to get to know each other.
It's always easier when there are several people involved.

I am definitely looking forward to meet new people and ready to see you whenever.

I am working here in Cologne and expect to be around for at least a year.

Hope to meet you soon,

Have a good one,



I live in Köln so if you want to have a drink, ask !!!!


Hey man,

You French too?
I definitely wanna have a drink. I am not in Germany right now, business trip abroad. I come back the 20th.
How about we meet the saturday 21st September? :)

Of course, no problem for me !
I saw that you like Japan, so i think that i have some good adresses for you ;)

helloo im uen looking for friends here in germany

hello po

ako naman dito sa bonn, medyo malapit lang sa köln.

nakakahomesick walang pinay friends :(

@HTUR - would you mind post in English on the English Forum pls :)

oh i am sorry

I was just asking if there is filipina living here in Bonn

I am from Malaysia and still new in Cologne. I would like to meet new people here..


Hi Rea,im new here too in cologne..i am so thankfull that there is some filipino/filipina here to talk too...i am so bored...:(:/

Hi everyone!
I'm originally from Estonia, now living in Cologne and a month ago I started with a friend of mine a cool project. It's called

Please check it out and let me know if any of you guys would be interested in meeting us and sharing your multicultural experiences. It would be great :)
You'll find our contact details on the website or simply send me a private message here in

I'm looking forward to your replies! Would be great to check out the Christmas market frenzy together or simply get a coffee somewhere.



hii am from neuss.... i too came last month only... if u r intrested ping me..

Hello everybody! I am Valentin from Romania. Currently I am living in Cologne, I work here, so I want to meet new people, to make new friends.

Oi ako din dito bonn

@ HTUR > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum ! It will help all the members to understand. :)

Priscilla team

Buna Valentin,

imi poti scrie pe adresa de e-mail: ela75miha[at] cred ca fara sa vreau am scris pe site-ul general...

hi yes been in cologne for two months nice place people friendly

Please take a look at me........ I am here for you........ :)

Hi all, English speaking, brand spanking new ex pat with no German YET looking to meet up with new people and hopefully make some new friends to make this transition less daunting, 😀

Hi everyone,

New to Cologne, been here since January and would love to meet some new likeminded people.
I'm originally from Sweden but have spent the last ten years in NYC. I love sports, movies, music, going out for drinks and trying new foods.
I'm 32 years old and open to new ideas :)

bernadettelegaspi :

Hi! :) Anyone here live in Cologne, Germany???

Hello guysam cissy from uganda but i live in germany colgne .would like to meet new friends here coz am so lonely .i love watching movies .sports .dancing

Anyone here taking German classes? :)

any advice on jobs in koln, please!!

Yeah am starting german classes on 28this month

cool Cissy! Which school are you going to? We could perhaps get together sometimes to practice a little :) You mentioned that you like dancing. Have you tried pole dancing before? Also a great way to meet people :)

Yes dia i go to vhs school and normally before i started school i was learning alot at thome so we can practise .i tried pole dancing and am good but am not so perfect in it but we can really enjoy learning together everything thx

My school VHS is centre of koln and i tried to learn german at home before school .so we can practise together.thx

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