New members of the USA forum, introduce yourself here – 1st quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the USA forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the USA if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello Everyone,
I am a 45 year old female, originally from the UK, lived for 6 years in Lyon, France and moved to Atlanta, Georgia 18 months ago.
I'm very lucky to have found a job and I've been working for a year part time, I have three children, two of whom are grown and live back in the UK, I have one child here in the US and I would love to reach out to any expats in my area who are interested in meeting up for a coffee and a chat if they have the free time, I speak English and French and I have just started to learn Italian - anyone in the same boat?  Many thanks


Hi there,

I am a South African with aspirations to relocate to Dallas Texas. At this stage I am still very clueless with regards to the processes involved in this. But I am hoping to learn through this forum.



Live in America. Have dual Irish citizenship. Retired firefighter and just stopped at the forum to introduce myself.

Hi there I come from Kentucky. I am now in the Philippines. I am working here in the Philippines. How are you guys?

Hi all.

I'm a 35 year old woman who's moving to California in August. I'm from Germany, though I've been living in Britain for the past 4.5 years. My husband is an American citizen, and our son is a dual national. I've never even been to the USA before, so I'm trying to get a bit more prepared before we move.



Hi i moved to Princeton Nj in August 2015, with my teen daughter after 10 years in Switzerland and being nationals from France. Despite lots of lovely people you meet once or exchange texts with I find networking for friendly encounters  and support to settlement  a little  difficult here . I recognize that it's much easier anywhere when your kids are in their earlier years a as many occasions come from school parents or after school activities ... Would be happy to meet teen parents nearby to share activities laughs tips tools and a simple stroll !

Hey guys, morning!
I just found this website last week, a cool canadian who is living in Brazil told me about this website and i'm trying to discover how I can solve my answers.. hahhahah

Let me write a little of me:
My name is Alexandre, 29 years old, brazilian, I've worked as a network engineer, working with aruba/hp/cisco/juniper networking/wifi solutions. I'd like to work in canada or USA, but i dont know where i should to start!

Thankssss  :D

Hi Everyone , I am from South Africa , hubby may have a possible job offer in Santa Clara , at this point we are looking at working out the cost of living . We would be looking at a 2bedroom place to rent and possible a motor vehicle , we are not entirely sure what we will be offered for relocation etc. Are there any calculators that we can use to get an estimate of what our monthly costs would be? Thanks in advance🌹

AnisaJunaid :

Hi Everyone , I am from South Africa , hubby may have a possible job offer in Santa Clara , at this point we are looking at working out the cost of living . We would be looking at a 2bedroom place to rent and possible a motor vehicle , we are not entirely sure what we will be offered for relocation etc. Are there any calculators that we can use to get an estimate of what our monthly costs would be? Thanks in advance🌹



@Romaniac... Thank you will do 👌👌👌

Hi, my name is Natalie and I recently started a blog about German / American culture differences... I am living in Arizona, but have spend a lot of time in Alaska as well... I look forward to some exchange here! Happy Monday!

Hi My name is Lizzie.. came and grew up from Kentucky. I now live in the Philippines. I am looking for work now in the United States so that I can go back and live there.

Hi all, my name is Sue.  I've lived in the U.S.A since 1990...a very long time.  I'm 46.
I'm now dealing with the daunting task of dealing with elderly, frail parents overseas.  I'm an only child, so that's always added stress.  I thank God for a best friend over in the U.K.  She has taken on the task of easing my burdens.  She is my rock and had helped me through so much over the years, including the resent unfortunate event of making my father go to the hospital, after a fall, only to find he had a broken hip.  He underwent surgery today.  My best friend is staying with my disabled mother, so my mother doesn't have to go into respite care.  I'm fortunate that I already have carers looking after my mum, and Social Services are also involved, so now it's just a question of getting carers established for my dad.  It's very unsettling at times, and I'm always on high alert to take that trip across the pond, if needed.  It's difficult to find employment that isn't seasonal, due to having to take frequent trips home, so I remain in a job that allows me a month in the summer.  This is all great, for that reason, but I've also missed out on career opportunities.  I often feel guilty for not being there at the drop of a hat, but finances won't always allow me to just go. I sometimes feel a pang of jealousy when I hear my co-workers or friend being there for their own parents.
Sorry I rambled on a bit in my introduction. Lol.  I guess I just needed to vent.  I'm sure a few of you expats can relate to my situation.

new to this forum.  I am bob mc I want to move to the Philippines  in a year or so  I am 81 years old  and in great health  I am single & looking all tips I can get and use  would be helpful thanks    bob mc

Hi everyone! Im Leo, 26 years old, pet and life lover.

This year I'm saving my money to go on a trip to latin america, specially Brazil!! I've been in Amsterdam, France, Italy, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Barcelona, some cities of Mexico, and lots in America :B

Hope I can find nice people to share my stories and my life style, also, this is Draco, my husky partner  :heart: **

Leo welcome and do keep us posted on your adventures.

Bob K

Thank you Bob, I will :)

Hi everyone,

My name is Anastasia and I moved to US 6 years ago from Astrakhan, Russia on a K1 visa. Had a hard time finding a good job, even with a Bachelor's and Masters degree and perfect English. Made a decision to go back to school thinking that this may increase my chances of getting a job I always wanted. Nope, now I am considered overqualified and in the present economy no one wants to pay more than they should.  So I ended up with a huge student loan debt and no job to pay it back with.

I absolutely love America though because in the end there is a way (and I am very happy I found it) to apply yourself here where you don't need any experience or education for that, you learn as you earn and I totally love where I am right now. Viva the opportunity!!!

Hi! Im from the US and will possibly temporary moving to the DR wothout speaking spanish but i know my way around. Anyone know of how to go about and buy a car there?

Capstacey  welcome to the forum but you should be posting an introduction on the DR forum (rather than adding comments to 3 year old threads) and let us know about you.  There is lot of good people on that forum for information sharing

Bob K

Oh hello again! I just saw this post still trying to figure it out:) thanks for your response

hi guys, i'm new here, and i just found this place to share my interests and experiences. I'm now living in new york, USA, any others in new york?


Where did you relocate from?

Bob K

I am from Madrid (Spain) and I am living in Fort Lauderdale (FL) since November 2014 with my husband. He won the Lottery and we decided to start the process to get the Green Card.

We left everything in Madrid (family, jobs, friends, house...) to create our own path in the US. Nobody said that would be easy; and it is not. There's no a big company offering us a job to come here. We didn't know anyone when we arrived, but after one year and a half, we have our own small business, we work much more hours than in Madrid, we have met some amazing people, and we have solved all the problems you know if you are reading this (house, car, credit cards, health insurance, IRS, credit score...)

We have new challenges every day (English is still the first one!) and I would like to share them with you, in English, en español, oppure in italiano.

Are there more Spaniards in Fort Lauderdale? We've just met one during this time...

Welcome and it sounds like you are doing it right!

Bob K

Hello all.

Nice to meet you here.

I'd like to introduce myself.  My full name is Khun Chanthida. Now I lived in Phnom Penh city of Cambodia.

I'm interested to live in USA, Florida if i can.

Looking to meet you here or we can make friend some day.

Have a nice day.

Jobs are getting difficult for professionals. What is your major in  masters' degree ?
New York still has good market but very competitive.

I'm really appreciate for your quote that let me know about environment at there.

Thank you so much.

Hello I'm Tiphaine, I'm french and I moved to California with my partner in december 2015. We are quite new in the US. I just turn 33 in april. I like discovering California and San Francisco (we are living in the Bay Area). I tried several meet'up to learn new things and meet people.
I opened a blog to share my experience about my expat life, but sorry for the moment I write it only in french. It's called A Frenchy in Cali (
I hope I can make friends and learn more about expat life here.

Hello everyone my name is Oliver and I plan on moving to England soon in 2020-2022
I plan on getting duel citizenship as soon as possible my mom was born in England and most of my relatives are their  the city in question I plan on going to is Brighton which is near London.

It is a pleasure to meet you all.


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