Obtaining police certificate?

Hi guys, I just wanted to ask.. is there any company that provides service of getting a cambodian police certificate? Im applying for a us visa and its one of the requirement. I currently dont have the time to travel to cambodia.. Thanks :)

I think that the best way to solve this problem consists in picking an example of a similar document, put your data in there, get a relative to print it out -- making sure it is in Khmer and in English -- and then pay to a police official a fee to stamp it. If the document does not contain anything objectionable or obviously untrue, I do not see why they would refuse to stamp it. If they happen to have a standard form or document type for this purpose, they will probably want to use that instead, but ok, that alternative should also work for you. You seem to be connected in ways to Cambodia. So, you may have relatives here, no?

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