Cambodian Visa's - Essential Information

Types of Visa

VOA applicants must submit passport, application forms, a recent passport photo, and other documents as determined by the status of stay.

(Note: All prices are quoted in US Dollars)

1 - T-Type (Tourist) - VOA
• Cost = $30
• Length of stay = 1 month
• Extension = Can be extended once in country for a further period of 1 month

The T-Type visa can also be pre-purchased online in the form of an e-Visa (electronic visa)
• Cost = $37 + $3 credit card processing fee
• Length of stay = 1 month
• Extension = Can be extended once in country for a further period of 1 month
• Apply for online at

2 - E-Type (Ordinary/business) - VOA
• Cost = $35
• Length of stay = 1 month
• Extension = Can be extended for the following periods;
                    - 1 Month    appx. $40 (Single entry)
                    - 3 Months   appx. $75 (Single entry)
                    - 6 Months   appx. $145 (Multiple entry)
                    - 12 Months appx. $280 (Multiple entry)

(Note: The approximate prices above for visa extensions are based on the cost of having your visa extended through a 3rd party, not the official price from the Immigration Department)
3 - A-Type (Diplomatic)
• For visiting foreign diplomats, embassy personnel, invited foreign military, etc.

4 - B-Type (Official)
• For NGO/Aid workers, etc.

5 - C-Type (Courtesy)

6 - K-Type (Special) - VOA
• Issued to Cambodian national's entering Cambodia on a foreign passport. (The applicant has to provide well-documented evidence, such as proof that one's parents were Cambodian).
• Cost = Gratis

Visa Exemption:

•The nationals of the Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia do not need a tourist visa and may stay in Cambodia for 21 and 30 days respectively.

NOTE: Some nationalities are required to get visa in advance at Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Cambodia in their country: Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria.

The tourist (T) and ordinary (E) visas can be extended at the Immigration Department, National Police, or for less hassle can be extended at most guest houses and travel agencies/tour operators.

The Diplomatic (A), Official (B) and Courtesy (C) visas can be extended at the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Overstaying your visa will incur a fine of $5 per day of your overstay.

Entry points where a Cambodian Visa can be issued (VOA - visa on arrival):

• Phnom Penh International Airport
• Siem Reap International Airport

Cambodia-Vietnam border:
• Bavet International Check Point (Svay Rieng Province)
• Kha Orm Sam Nor International Check Point (Kandal Province)
• Koh Rohka International Check Point (Prey Veng Province)
• Banteay Chakrey International Check Point (Preyveng Province)
• Tropeang Sre International Check Point (Kratie Province)
• Prek Chak International Check Point (Kampot Province)
• Phnom Den International Check Point (Takeo Province)
• Oyadav International Check Point (Rattankiri Province)
• Tropieng Phlong International Check Point (Kampong Cham Province)

Cambodia-Thailand border:
• Cham Yeam International Check Point (Koh Kong Province)
• Poi Pet International Check Point (Banteay Meanchey Province)
• Osmach International Check Point (Odor Meanchey Province)
• Sihanoukville International Check Point (Sihanoukville Province)
• Choam Sanguam International Check Point (Banteay Meanchey Province)
• Prum International Check Point (Pailin Province)
• Doung International Check Point (Battambang Province)
• Preah Vihear International Check Point (Preah Vihear Province)

Cambodia-Lao border:
• Dong Krolar International Check Point (Steung Treng Province)
• Tropieng Kreal International Check Point (Stung Treng Province)

Cambodian Embassies (visa applied for and received BEFORE entry into Cambodia)
• Google your nearest Cambodian Embassy  ;)

Immigration Arrival Forms;

(Note: These are current as of 05 July 2015)

1. Arrivals/Departures Card (front):

2. Arrivals/Departures Card (inside):

3. VOA Application Form:

4. Customs Declaration Form:

5. Health Notice and Declaration Form;

Excellent info. Thank you.

Many thanks for the prompt and very useful information.

Excellent information... Thanks.  :top:

Visas for children under 12 years - free

Excellent! Quick question.... Where do you get extension let say from 1 month tourist VOA to 1 Year Business visa?

Tourist visa cannot be extended and is only done for a month. A business visa is issued for 35$ at the airport and then extended in any travel Agency for 290$ for the year


If I want to stay in Cambodia for longer than a year on the Ordinary Visa, how long do I need to leave the country for before reentering and applying for the ordinary visa again?

Thanks in advance :)

You don't need to leave the country to get another extension.

By the way, transit visa information is missing from the list.

I was given a tourist visa when I entered the country even though my documents requested an e visa and I paid for one.
I've been to that I can extend my tourist visa for another month but the will need to leave and come back to get an EVisa.
Is this correct? Just want to make sure before I start making travel arrangements to Poipet...

That's correct. You can't "upgrade" a tourist visa to e-visa in the country :-(
But why travel to Poipet? That's so far away from Phnom Penh. Bavet is much closer. Vietnam has lifted visa requirements for many western countries.

Thanks! Poipet because I'll be in Siem Reap around that time. :)

JanKrohn :

By the way, transit visa information is missing from the list.

Transit Visa only came into effect 1st September 2015, hence why it is missing from the original post. Seems like a waste of time, they should be focusing on more useful visas, such as Retiree and Spousal Visas.

7 - D-Type (Transit) e-Visa (WEF 01 September 2015)
• It appears this is only available to be pre-purchased online in the form of an electronic visa, no mention of being available as a VOA (TBC).
• Cost = $15 + $7 electronic processing fee (+ $3 credit card processing fee? TBC)
• Length of stay = 3 Days (72 hours? TBC)
• Extension = TBC
• Apply for online at

P.S. I would like to add that I am not the original author of the Visa information posted, I copy and pasted it from another site as I thought it would be helpful to those seeking visa information.

Quick question, I bought my plane ticket today (one way) and when I did they told me to have a visa prior to leaving or EVA Air could deny me boarding? I did endless amounts of research and everything I read says that your fine to get a Visa upon arrival (I am Canadian btw). Is this just my travel agency being paranoid or do I actually need a visa before getting there now?

It is at the airlines discretion, as if you are denied a VOA at your destination then they are liable to cover the cost of your flight out of the country. If questioned at the check-in, inform them of the VOA (they should already have access to this info anyway). Most airlines will allow you to sign a waiver stating that the cost of your flight out if denied a VOA will be your responsibility and not the airlines.

I have never once been questioned about visa's by any airline at check-in for a flight to Cambodia, your travel agent is ill-informed that is all.

Hi Again

I am finally here!!

How can I tell if the visa I have been issued is a tourist or an ordinary. The new looks the same as the last one.

I definitely ticked ordinary and I paid $35.

Thanks again everyone for years advice to date.

Cheers Craig


There will be a big letter "T" on it if it's a Tourist visa, if it's an Ordinary visa it will have a big letter "E".

Also the visa number will either start with a "T" or an "E".

Thanks Rarky

And it has the "E"s in all the right places.



Hi, I was lead to believe that I would need to provide a passport photo when I extended my visa, but the agent did not want one. Is this ok or an I about to get screwed about?

No photo required for visa extension. Maybe you mixed it up wil DL extension - that one requires a passport photo.

I have read recently about issues with having a Work Permit.

If I take an Ordinary Visa on arrival (as I simply wish to retire in Cambodia) do I need a WP if I do not intend to work?


No work no work permit needed! Though it seems half the expat community here in Camboland refuses to believe that. I'll send you what the Ministers of the various departments (Labor, Interior and Tourism) have said if ya want... but it says No workee no need permitee!  :)

All three departments agree and have communicated the same facts? First in a lifetime...!

LOL - Every once in awhile they confuse themselves so badly that they end up "accidently" end up saying the same thing. They must have forgotten their oath of office motto "Same, same, but different".

Nobody cares about Work Permits in Cambodia. If you go back and look at the nationalities of those deported for missing documentation over the past year you will see that 96% of those deported were Vietnamese, Malaysian, or Laotian.  Cambodia is corrupt and let's be entirely honest here...They like our money too much to worry about this stuff.

LOL - The government cares, though not efficiently. I know personally three expats and have heard of a fourth here in Siem Reap who have been asked to prove their work permits since the first of the year,. Out of the couple hundreds of expats here that is not that many. but if you wanna play the game or worry about the "man" finding you, please be my guest. At least once every couple of weeks I hear or see of officials doing a mini sweep in an area. You maybe are not 'hearing' of the governments success because when an expat is caught without a WP, they likely just pay the fines and penalties and go about their business. Unless they have broken some other type of law - Cambodia is happy to just get the money. They are smart enough to know that if they throw all violators out, they will be throwing away $$$.  :)

I'm currently here on Tourist visa but I'd like to get the Ordinary visa. I'm in PP right now and assume I'll have to make a trip to Vietnam, do I have to stay overnight or can I go and come straight back.

Also is it worth getting the visa at embassy in HCMC before I return?

No minimum amount of time you have to be out of Cambodia. You can go strait to the border, check out through immigration and turn around and reenter, applying for a ordinary "E" visa (Make sure you get an "E" visa and not another tourist or "T" visa). I myself would do an early morning border run and be back by early afternoon.

Which border do u use?

Please check that you can obtain a visa at the border crossing as I have my doubts.

I regularly transit from HCMC to Phnom Penh to HCMC by bus and visa for Cambodia is avialable at the border but on returning from Cambodia to Vietnam the visa is NOT AVAILABLE and must be obtained in Phnom Penh at the Vietnamese embassy. The only exception to this is that for certain countries a visa free entry for tourists is available for a maximum stay of 15 days.

Visas are 35 us for an ordinary visa if u intend being in Cambodia for many months or a year 35 us gets the infant 1  year multiple entry !!!

Further to the previous post US$35 only gets you a 30day business visa that you can extend to a 3, 6 or 12 month visa for additional cost!

The exception  to above post is an infant .the infant after obtaining the the business 30 day visa ,  can renew it for 1 year for the same amount to renew for 1 month .

Actuall renewal for an infant is free.
I've been wondering for a long time why they charge $35, and what happens with that money...

I am not sure y u think its free.But ....

Because it says on the visa sticker: "fee: gratis"

Yes it does say Gratis , however it still is 35us .u the travel agencies cant tell me anything especially since gratis is a word Not in their language .....

I rather assume that gratis is a word not in the immigration officials' language. (And that's precisely the reason why I'm wondering where that money actually goes).

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