Cab's & Fraud "Taxi ya basha"

Cairo the perfect place and probably the perfect place to make new friends just by being stuck in a traffic jam.

You are sitting in the cab and the only thing that is moving is that blue horse in that meter and those piasters going up it's 10 pounds then you check your phone bam its 11.30 pounds now in few seconds :huh:  no you are sober there's nothing wrong with you.

There are two types of meters: The blue meter with the running horse and The red one.

The Blue meter with the horse you can find it in:

- Hyundai verna … r-2011.jpg
- Daewoo lanos … teTaxi.jpg
- Shahin … -Sahin.jpg

Some or most of those meters can be manipulated easily by any mechanic or technician to calculate small distance for the same price ex: for every 400 meters it charges 0.25 piasters now for every 100 meters it would charge the same

As for the red meter found in:
- Speranza … o_taxi.jpg
- BYD … _taxi2.jpg
- Lada

The red meter can't be manipulated as there's a certain company that does the maintenance of the meter and if there's any problem with it

From my personal experience since I don't own a car and most of the people. you spend around 25 to 40% of your salary on transportation or taxi  so you can save just a little and never be manipulated again  :dumbom: . Hence always check the timer cause sometimes they activate it while the car is moving and not stuck in a traffic jam and that would charge extra.

Be patient spend less.

thats why people ... specially expats should start using uber taxi service

Here's how the white and black meters should calculate your fare:

-3 LE First Kilometer
-1.40 LE Each Kilometer After the First
-Time/Waiting .28 per Minute
So if you travel 11 km, it’s 3 LE 1st km, then 1.40 x 10 for the remaining, sit in traffic for 5 mins,
5 x .28, (3+1.40X10+5X.28) — your fare should be 18.40

I don't use Uber, and I understand negotiating with cab drivers isn't for everyone, but i get a kick out of it. :D

I am glad you used the word "should"

I am interested to learn all means of transports, going to screen shot Rachel formula & kassas info, it's useful thanks!

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