Moving to Nice next week

Hi All,

I'm moving to Nice for the summer/ autumn period at least and would love to hook up with other ex pats in the area.

Up for trying anything thats going on, love adventures, yoga, meditation, nights out, in : )

Looking forward to hearing from you


Hi Caroline,

Hope all is going well with flying to Nice today!! I bet you are still in the air while im writing this words :) I have already booked a one way ticket to Nice for the 13th of May too. Im still at work in Dublin, but soon I will be available for yoga in Nice if you fancy catching up.

Best regards,

Hi Melissa :)

Hi Magdelena,

One way ticket,  atta girl :)

Would love it, ta. Email is creativefreedom7[at]

Enjoy last few weeks at home and hopefully see you sooN.

Take care

Hi Melissa,

That would be lovely, thanks very much.

Still got irish number but will try find you on WhatsApp or viber?

Would  love to catch a wave :)

Take care


Hi Caroline!

Although I am not in, nor going to Nice right now I would love to hear how your journey goes. As I am considering moving to France I am very interested to get opinions from those who are not French living in the country. Will you be working there? If so how did you find the job? I hope all goes well and that you enjoy your time!

hey dear my message is too late he he he but we can keep the contact
thanks for

hi i am sabrina hoping to meet new friends there in Nice i am living near lyon but i like going to nice for vacations.this year i will be there i am on whatsapp and viber i moved here since the last 8 months

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