Anything good about Kuwait?

kuwait is clean! the streets get cleaned all the time. the malls, restaurants etc.. all so clean. kuwait is small but its a gd thing. when u can get to anywhere in kuwait in a very short time. so ur day is usually longer and u can fit alot of activity in it. there are alot of options for shopping etc. and socializing. but the problem is that most expats are afraid to socialize publicly because they are afraid of regection and because they do not know what to expect.
kuwait is easy... life is so easy here.. u go to work.. get payed.. no taxes what so ever.. u spend ur money on nice things.. life is not expensive at all here..
most people go to gyms in kuwait.. which is a kool new habbit..
if u think that forbiding alcohol etc. in kuwait is bad.. well think of the positives.. u r not tempted to get drunk and sin.. and if ur not religeous.. well ur not tempted to get drunk and do something stupid or harm ur body.
kuwait is so much like a cartoon.. there is no real danger.. rarely big crimes happen.. when a crim is actually comitted.. people are shocked and the media goes crazy with it.. that just shows how safe kuwait can be.
in kuwait.. u shouldn't think that u r living with kuwaiti people only because above 50% of kuwait population is non-kuwaiti! .. there are communities from every country here.. enjoy the diverce cultures...
enjoy the stress free life.. enjoy the organized safe life..
when u get too bored of the safety and calmness.. take a break and travel for a week or two.. blow ur heat out and come bak fresh and ready for ur stress free life.

The thread so afr has been so informative and entertaining as well, it has changed my perceptions about kuwait.
I am a Nigerian studying Accounting, presently in my Final year, i would like to know if any Univesity in Kuwait accepts Credit Transfers, i mean Continuation of my programme there. Do they recognize international Transcripts? I would love to work in Kuwait as well study.
Anticipating a quick response.

Not counting my "pass thru" to Iraq in 2006 (and eventual return pass thru back to the States in 2007, I've lived/worked in Kuwait 3 times now.  Totalled up I've lived in Kuwait about 4 years.  No...Kuwait isn't "perfect" but, neither is anywhere else.  Like most everything in life, Kuwait is what you make of it.  I, like many other expats, have experienced my ups and downs here.  Overall, I'd reccommend to anyone (that's looking for a dramatic lifestyle change, travel, etc) that Kuwait is a good place to live overall.  I've lived in many places in the U.S. and, to be honest, I've rarely felt safer (not counting the crazy road traffic) anywhere else.  Petty crime is low, violent or "felony" level crive is even lower.  With the exception of the heat of summer and the high cost of quality Western style schooling (for those of you with children), Kuwait is a good place to have a family. ON THE OTHER hand...haha...the typical cost of rent here in Kuwait, I believe is a lot higher then it should be.  Oh well...take the good with the bad!  I'm not sure of the correct Arabic saying but.... "Happy Ramadan"  ? 


Denizkizi :

I have been here only for four days, but I will spend rest of my life here.  Let's see what kind of nice things I have experienced here in this short time... Hmmm, the food is really yummy! I loved it! The sea is really hot, like a bath tub! I loved it! My new family is so friendly! I loved it!

But from the very first day I realized that I need some time to get used to the people of Kuwait. They are not open-minded especially about summer clothes :) I mean, in public places like shopping malls, sea shores, supermarkets etc. I can't wear just what I want, because people are extremely conservative here and they are going crazy even when they see a girl wearing sleeves shirt!!! What's that!!! No shorts, no short dresses, no  short skirts!!! But if I am going to a private place, like a private house party, or some restaurants or hotels than I can pretend like I am not in Kuwait! Even many people pretend that they are not in Kuwait! Yeah, it will take some time to learn what to wear and most importantly when to wear it! So speaking of freedom, I don't think women have freedom here even for something simple  like choosing what they want to wear.

You can wear what you want! There is no LAW against summer clothes here as far as i know... If the stares bother you, then just ignore them. Thats what I do :-D

evrything is good about kuwait , kuwaitis are good people and very tolerant society , the tax free income , freedom to work and kuwaiti dinar price is good until now , i have been here since last 11 years many ups and down s i faced but in nutshell is kuwait is great countr y to live in before arriving to kuwait i worked in anuther 8 different countries and i found this place amazing really , one must experience to stay in kuwait.

11 years wow! You must be loving it.

Can a family of 5 survive on kwd 1,100 pm on groceries, education and entertainment? We're being given free housing etc. school fees paid for 2 kids and 50% fees paid for third kid all at international school. What other hidden costs should I expect?

I read a lot of negative posts here so am thinking if kuwait is the right place to go. Any advice would be great.

The only catch I see is the school fees for the third child.  It's probably going to be a big expense for you but nothing undo-able: … -2016.html

Otherwise, it shouldn't be a problem with everything else paid.  You can fill a car with gas for 5kd here  (unless you buy the Ultra premium gas, then 10kd), entertainment can be had without spending a lot of money (lots of parks for kids), there aren't any real "hidden expenses", etc

Cost of living here varies wildly depending on your lifestyle.  Kuwait is one place where you really can spend as much or as little as your heart desires.

For your next question, I haven't read the posts on this thread (negative or otherwise) but I can say this.  Negative people will be negative anywhere they go.  Positive people will be positive anywhere they go.  I was really nervous about moving to Kuwait (I'm sure I read a lot of the same stuff you're probably reading now) and now that I'm here I'm certain it was a good choice for us.

When I got here, I came with certain expectations of the middle east.  One day I found myself by the hotel pool talking to a friend of a single friend.  She was Kuwaiti girl, in a bikini, and we were talking about her time on 'shrooms in Amsterdam.  At that point all my preconceived notions about what to expect in the middle east went right out the window. :P 

In contrast, the guy who used to live where I live now had nothing positive to say about Kuwait and couldn't wait to leave.  He and his wife were convinced that it was a dangerous place and his wife wouldn't even open the door all the way to let the dog out to go to the bathroom.  I bet the mere sight of a burka probably gave them shivers.  I've known them for years.  They're not happy no matter where they live.

I know "it all depends on you" isn't really an answer to your question, but I hope this helps. ;)


:guay: Hola , voy a ser breve, es comi en todos los sitios , esta lo bueno y lo malo, yo hace tres meses que estoy aqui, y tuve que aceptar la vida que se puede llegar  tener aqui según mi costumbre, para obtener mi propósito.....Es cuestión de poner buen animo, buena, cara ser valiente para lograr lo que se quiere...
No nos olvidemos, no venimos  un lugar fácil, tomemoslo como una experiencia mas para nuestra vida...yo para diversión me qedaba en mi país, pero eso no solucionaba otros problemas que aqui si, soluciono.....
animo y a ser valiente y creativo......muaks

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I have a very short answer for you.  Most of expats come here intending to stay for 2 or 3 years but end up staying much longer.  Is that tells you something?

In my opinion, you should change the title of subject as well. 

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hi ,
let me tell you something very clear from my experience Kuwait is nice in :
safe & food ( only )
the other side :
a very bad behavior and human arrogance here is in a very high level
there's anything called entertainment here NOOOTHING BUT FOOD AND COFFE

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