Shooting club / training in Kuwait

I'm looking forward to join a shooting training here in Kuwait. Anybody can help me?? Where can I find it???

There is a huge olympic shooting range complex just off the 6th ring road:

It is the most impressive facility of such sort that I have ever seen. I went there as I wanted to continue my archery practice and possibly restart my archery career that I have left 15 years ago, but as many things in Kuwait do, this one miserably failed. Turned out that in order to join the club you need to be: A - younger than 30 and B - a Kuwaiti. I am a bit far from both.
There are shooting ranges for all sorts of arms, maybe you will have better luck than I did.

Second option is here:

I don't even know what this place is, but they don't make a big fuss out of it. You go there, pick the weapon of choice, pay, unload the ammo into the target and off you go. Not sure if they cater to people who are serious about the target practice or just to those who want to vent their aggression after a long day in the office.

I have been to the second one which @Ribosom mentioned. All you need is your civil ID and at least 5 or 7 KD. Easy and close to downtown.

Enjoy ;)

Mayadeen is awesome! its the one close to 360 Mall; like JFU said; all u need is ur civil ID and some cash, and they give u gun menu's like its a damn restaurant! u have a choice of pistol or rifle, and in each there are different types! go for one of each, i'd suggest the 9mm, if memory serves it was about 15-30 shots, 5KD or something :P

Hi Ribosom, JFU & Legacy,

Thank you for this info. Actually I was getting some courses in Egypt but I stopped since 2010, and I want to back again for training. I will go there with some cash  :D  and try to find out how to join a training courses for that.

Again, thank you all for your help

they do offer membership; i think u get like either a lane to yourself or unlimited ammo - however, u cannot purchase/own a weapon ''/

On the other hand, maybe this is not such a good idea considering your hearing problem mentioned in another thread. :)

Dear Ribosom,

Thank you for your consideration :) but I'm working in a plant which there is high noise level (more than 100 db) so I'm using "hearing protection" (ear muffs) so about my hearing problem do not worry ;)

Shooting is banned for non-gulf citizens

wait, what?


You mean non-gulf citizens only get shot?

I suspected something like this might happen.

I went there and asked about shooting times , the guard asked me about my nationality, I told that I'm Egyptian , he told me now it's banned for non-Gulf citizen, only GGC are allowed.

Bummer. :(
Last time I was there I didn't even have a Civil ID and they had no problem with that. I don't think I have ever seen a word "banned" used as much as here. :)
My wife wanted to go shooting, so I guess that is off the table now. She wants to continue her horse riding classes, I hope they don't allow only Kuwaitis in between 27-33 of age who are taller than 180cm and have quit smoking last year to ride a horse.

Tell me about Horse riding, I was searching for it also :)

Sure, there are two places, right next to each other:

I am planning to pay them a visit soon, let me know if you do it before I do.

Sure, Thanks

hello can anyone confirm that shooting is banned for non-gulf citizens at Mayadeen koweit ? thanks

Any one find any updates on Archery in kuwait since 2014?
I'm moving here mid 2016.. I suppose going out into the wilderness could be an option, but its probably a pain to find your arrows when you miss

Hi All

Any one can help me,
I am searching for shooting school for my training ..anyone know about shooting academy ,I am Indian and working here in Kuwait since one year,

Pls do revert on *************


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Hi same here
Did u find shooting school till now,I also want to join shooting school.i am Indian n working here in Kuwait since one year.
Pls revert


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If you are in need of an Archery Instructor I may help. Although I am new to Kuwait, and working like hell, I would like to participate somehow.
Will be following anyway..

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