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Hey everyone,

I've just arrived back in Kuwait for my second year as an Art teacher. My internet plan is about to expire and I am a little unsure whether or not to renew it with Mada.

I am currently using the Mada SoHo broadband package (up to 10mbps Download) however I have found it is very temperamental and can be really poor at times.

Is anybody using a similar service or could they recommend another provider?

Cheers :)

Hello Docenn,

My advice to is to go ahead with viva router, 18 KD every month and you can take it with you every where.

Zain 100%
viva sux!!!

To confuse the original poster even further, I am using Ooredoo 4G router and it works fine for my needs. :)

Bad bad bad

Viva , the worst ever....I had it  and will never have viva again

On a more serious note, it very much depends where you are located. I had a Viva router for a year, it was decent, switched to Ooredoo and it is a bit better. However I am not an "advanced" user by any means, I need internet access for email, browsing and Skype, and both solutions worked fine for that.

I had viva last october, it is really baaaaaaad though I moved to two areas in q8

They are all rubbish, as they all die when everyone is on line.
I use Viva.
but it also depends on location & height above ground level.

So, I'll be moving to Kuwait (Mahboula) in about two weeks, and the first thing I want to do is get internet. What's/where's the best place to start? Unless there are wi-fi spots......? I need uncomplicated access (i.e. no contracts, which require documentation such as proof of residence, work, visa, civil ID, etc.). I still have to set things up with my employer, but can't wait so long to have access...

I think every company requires ID for service but I could be wrong. I have both zain and viva and they both suck!

Oreedo is the best  , they pay well for hawauei

Cheers for the advice. Think I'll renew my package based on this.

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I was with Mada, it was slow at times but always functioned.

I am now with Vxx, and to quote the lady it is crap. At off peak times it functions well, but at peak times it will not even open a web page.


Stay with  Mada but get a biscuit and save on your phone internet.

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Hi all!

I also wanted to ask about the best option for Internet. As I see, that Mada provider is not a bad option, right? How does it work? do you need to pay one year contract at once, or you can pay a fee month by month?

Mada is no longer providing service for individual customers. And even when they did, it wasn't really good.

Thanks!! Then I will wait for new recommendations.

Hello again, I have been told that there are three main providers I can find once I arrive to the airport: Oredoo, Zain and Viva. Zain seems to be the cheapest option but also the slowest one. How is your view about that?

It very much depends where you are. In my area Zain and Ooredoo are equally good, while Viva is unusable. Generally Zain should have the best coverage and infrastructure, but again it all depends on your location.

im in need of help...which internet connection do you recommend in farwaniya

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