Calling all Teenagers!

Are there any teenagers (or parents with teenagers) here in Malta that would like to make friends with a teen from England?
My daughter Gaby is 14 and 15 in September,  I was unable to get her in school as we came so close to the end of term so she has not had the chance to meet any people her own age and I think she's getting sick of my company! Lol
It would be nice for her to make some friends to hang out and do activities (beach/waterpark/jogging/skateboarding/swimming) in the summer months before she starts school in September (she will be going to a Govt school in Pembroke, St.Andrews I think, its still a bit vague as I havent found the dept of education very helpful)
Anyway let gets something started for the teens :)
Or if anyone has any helpful suggestions that would be greatly appreciated too :D


I have a bored 15 year old daughter

I have sent you a private message ...

Catherine :)

I have a 15 year old son who needs to make some friends, we live in Swieqi, my son is in form 5 he started school a couple of weeks ago he's doing fine but seeing as it's a boys school and he is not into football he is struggling plus he is the only British student  in his school so he feels like a spare part as all the boys speak maltese to each other. Generally he gets on better with girls or less boisterous boys! If anybody has any teenagers at a loose end and would like to meet up please get in touch. I do also gave a 10 year old daughter in pembroke secondary and an 8 yr old in a Pembroke junior

My son is 13 and we are currently in Bahar ic Caghaq with family but looking to move around the Sweiqi area. Which school is your son at - I have a nephew soon to be 15 who is Maltese too. My 5 year old daughter just started at Pembroke primary.

My son is in Gzira boys, wanted him to go into private due to his age, but as he is form 5 i couldnt get him into private as they wont take form 5 students, i also have a daughter at pembroke primary she is in year 5.

Hi!  :)
I am coming from Canada (been here for 14 years, England before that).  I have 4 kids...My oldest is 15 and will be 16 when we get there.
My biggest worry is we are coming from a North American school system, there are no GCSE's and kids go straight through school until Graduation at age 18 (Grade 12).  My son has good grades and wishes to go to a college and take business studies however I am worried that he will be held back a year or made to take GCSE's.  :( 
Does anyone have any knowledge about Canadin or American children going to state school in Malta?  Private school is not an option as it is not affordable for me.
Many thanks! :top:


I'm Vicky, i'm Maltese and my husband is Serbian. 

My step daughter moved to Malta last August.  She is 15 and turning 16 in Feb and goes to St Joseph School in Blata l Bajda.   

She is finding it hard to make friend here.  She never had this problem back in Serbia but for some reason its becoming an issue here.  She get on very well with her school friends but non of them live close and one other issue she has is that even thou she speak very good English same as they all do, they tend to switch to Maltese and she ends up not being able to stay in the conversation. 

She has now started Salsa which she loves but its just once a week and the school she goes to found her a dance partner so again it did not help much in making her new friends. 

If anyone has a teenage daughter who is willing to make new friends, please give me a shout.  Suggestions to youth social clubs, events etc are very welcome.

Thanks for reading

Hi, my daughter is 14 (15 at the end of July). At the moment she is on a trip in the UK with the school but she will be back next week. Can I / she send you a private message then?
Wishing you a good time

Hi Ursula

Sorry for the late reply but I am currently away and will be back on the 15th August.  It would be great to meet you once we are back so I will get in touch again mid August.

Thanks so much

Hi Vicky,

Not a problem at all! Enjoy your summer and I am looking forward to hearing from you in August.
We might be away from August 20th on, but will be back for sure at the beginning of September.
Have a good time

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