British Muslim Women in Mont Kiara

Assalamualykum we are planning to moove to KL in Sept inshaa allah.

Can some one please recommed islamic schools for 10,8, and 4 yr olds.

Is International Islamic School or Al Noor Islamic good?

Anyones kids studying there?

any output would be very much appreciated.

jazakallahu khairan.

hello everybody,

Salaam all,

Moved to KL from UK, was not bad but then my friends left for the summer holidays. If anyone has free time to meet up or knows of any sister's circles, let me know inshallah.

I m a malaysian. I just got back to malaysia for good. I studied arabic in jordan and last year I finished my master studies in the UK.. I would like to offer english and/or arabic tutoring class as well as tilawah alQuran for children and adults.. if you are looking for one please contact me via ****. I dont have a malaysia number yet.

Thank you

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Salaam sisters. I've just posted about meeting muslim sisters in KL and then I came across this. If any of you are still in KL or from KL then it would be great to meet up. I would love to meet like minded sisters in this big crazy city.



It seems that there is a good business opportunity for one of the sisters / brothers here to open an Islamic School catering to Muslim expat families?

If anyone here know sister halaqah. lets meet up. insha allah


I'm a Muslim sister from Singapore living in Saujana. Good to get know n share inshaAllah


Pls include me in yr Halacha sisters

when will be the halaqa?

good one to have an islamic school catering

Hi, I am thinking of enrolling my 8 year old sister in kingsley next year January. We live in usj1 and where do u live? Is it troublesome to travel to the school?

Hi, I am keen on sending my sister to study arabic/quran. She is 8 years old. We live in usj 1. Can you please provide me with more information.

Salaams! There is a circle called SeekersCircle, its like a family halaqah, it usually runs by topics which last on average 10 weeks and is usually on a Saturday morning. All details can be found on "SeekersPoint KL" on Facebook
Islamic schools there are many, we choose according to what is suitable for us. My son is in Itqan International...the preschool is very good, the grade school he just started. The preschool is in Kota Damansara and the Grade school near TTDI.
Hope this info is useful. =)

Ahlan wa sahlan wa Marhaban to Malaysia!
Welcome to Malaysian hospitality

Need to know more about islamic activities in KL, PJ and neighbouring cities just email

In-shaa-Alllah will try to assist you

Shima Derus

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U may want to consider at - tamimi international school in usj19 or brainy bunch at i-city in usj27

Shima Derus

How are you finding Malaysia? I've from from the uk and I am a British Muslim But moved to putra heights I have young children. If you would like to get in touch drop me a message.


Afra I will send you a pm

dear everyone here,

Everyone is talking about muslim this and muslim that area, aint malaysia a muslim country? So im sure it shouldnt be so hard to find mosques, madressas and halal food and all...

I am from uk, leicester, i have business's here, i have never seemed to have a issue but hence i am here only 3 months of every year.

If i can assist anyone in anything feel free to message me.

Thank you

Mr FP :

Everyone is talking about muslim this and muslim that

See thread title

Mr FP :

aint malaysia a muslim country?

No, it is not. The population is around 60% Muslim, but it isn't a Muslim country.

Mr FP :

So im sure it shouldnt be so hard to find mosques, madressas and halal food and all...

Loads of mosques and halal food .. and madrassas are all over the place because it's just the Arabic word for school.
If you mean Islamic schools, there are loads.

please call me xxx

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Hello as salam alaikum all,

We are an American family that just relocated to KL. I'm looking to make some Muslim women friends here. Anyone in the ttdi Mont kiara damansara area?

Im Dr zarina n im from Singapore

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