Speech Therapist and Autism Evaluation

Please advise if there is a speech therapist you could recommend and also Occupational Therapist for some minor symptoms of Autism

can i know were do u stay?

Assalamualikum, do u knw any speech therapist or special educator. In ur contacts im living in riyadh .my son is mild autisic so if u knw any one plz. Let me knw.thxs

SEVA school (IISR) has a facility for special children. they would be able to advise you on this.

There is no seat its full any other. Private tutor let me knw

if it is mild autism i suggest you to put him in some private school run in apartments. it is important that he interacts a lot with normal children than with special children. infact in india it is encouraged to put special children in normal schools as long as their level is mild to medium.

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Assalamu alaikum i am a female physiotherapist looking for jobs in hospitals in riyadh can any one tell me how to search a job and where to appear for prometric exams thanksa and regards

Hello, I am speech therapist. Can you tell me more about your child?
How old is your child and where do you live?

I am a Britsh mother of two Aspergers children who are now adults.  I have a lot of experience so maybe I can help in some way.  How old is your child and what are the main difficulties that concern you?  If you would like to contact me on my email it is....*********....... Or you could call me on my mobile......... *********

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i want speech therapist for 5 year old child.
You may contact please.
Mob: ******
would b grateful for your kind consideration.

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Hello ahmad746,

I invite you to look for Therapists in Riyadh in the business directories. This section may be helpful to you.

Thank You,

hi Mirza,

were you able to find any? Let me know as i am looking for one too.


I desperately need an ST for my 26 months old son .. please contact me :

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I have a three year old daughter with mild autism  need ur contact details or email for suggestions
I am residing in riyadh


My child is 21 months. He cannot say Mama, Baba. Just say dada.

Secondly also he didn't make attention if I call him by his name.

I stay in Riyadh, Murabba area.

Please advise.

Thanks in Advance.

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