ENT Specialist in Riyadh

Does anyone know an ENT specialist in Riyadh ?
If an Indian doctor is available, it would be great.

P.S: Actually, I'm a bit confused if I got sinus or allergy issues. Did any of you experience this problem before ? :unsure

Thanks  :cheers:

There is a Saudi consultant versed, in Solomon's Hospital alolia beloved neighborhood, the name d. Omari Ali, Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat surgery was conducted nose has :هتاف:

At Olaya Medical Center Dr. Janar Dharan an Indian being there for longtime, he will talk too much but better than many other ENT I have seen in Riyadh.

For sinus or allergy issues, please take Chyawanprash daily, this will completely cure your sinus or allergy issues over a period of time. 

Good luck

Hi Okla, tks for your info about ENT specialist in Riyadh. I would like to know where you buy this "chyawanprash" in Riyadh?! PAT

Ear, Nose and Throat Medical Center

Ear, Nose and Throat Medical Center
Takhassusi St, Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Riyadh 12311

Phone number: 011 480 2229

My wife had an appointment with Dr Khalid Az Zamil. She has had a number of operations on her ears in the UK due to a condition that she has. The doctors in other hospitals didn't have a clue about her condition. Dr Khalid knew exactly what she was talking about and took her condition very seriously. He read her letter from the UK explaining her history a few times and thoroughly checked her ears. He speaks very good English and is a good,  genuine, reliable doctor. He studied in Saudi Arabia and America. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good ENT doctor.

For those who don't have insurance then FYI a consultantion appointment with the doctor cost us 350 SAR in June 2017 and was worth ever single Riyal!

They have other ENT doctors there too. A lot of people recommend Dr Khalid Tayyibah. We have never used him and appointments with him cost a lot more.

Hello Abu Hafsah,

Thanks for your contribution.

Feel free to recommend this medical center in the business directory it will be greatly appreciated and beneficial to others members  : Riyadh business directory



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