Class C insurance

Hi everyone

My job offer stated a class c insurance? Would it have sufficient cover? I seldom get sick but I need to know whether there is enough hospital cover incase I ever need it. What exactly is class c insurance? I think the company providing the insurance is medgulf or gulf insurance...not sure though

Don't worry much about the classes. The only main difference is that you won't have access to the biggest and posh hospitals in the Kingdom....Rest most of the terms are the same barring shared room/ single room facility for in-patients

The class depends on your companies insurance policy and what inclusions and exclusions they have. Just b'z it says class C does not mean that it should not have certain benefits, it would depend on how your company has chosen the policy. To understand this better, you can check what other policy categories your employer have. For eg: if they have VIP, A, B & C then you know that C is the one with least benefits - shared room, smaller limit or cap or annual benefit , absence of dental / optical etc. It all depends on what policy your company has chosen.

Your a foreigner, I'd say don't accept class C, it's basically the minimum they need to provide to get an iqama issued. You'll end up having to pay from your own pocket.

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