Looking for a Best Gastroenterologist in Riyadh

hi everyone,

I am seeking recommendations on best Gastroenterologist in Riyadh for correct dignosis and treatment of Gastroesophageal complications ?

Any suggestions ?

anyone ? :/

Hello brother,

Did you try SMCH?

Hi ,

No i havent been to SMCH. Can you recommend a specialist in SMCH ?
I visited Suleiman Alhabib (both takhasussi and olaya center) and Kingdom hospital and It was disappointing.

Go for Dr. Mounir Hijaz at SMCH.

If you are looking for the best treatment unfortunately you will need to travel over to Damman: Department of Gastroenterology, King Fahd Specialist Hospital

Good luck

Thanks Asteric, i ll try dr munir.

Thanks Suzan. Can you recommend a consultant KFSH ?

Dr.Farooq Ashraf at Riyadh Military Hospital..

Raazia :

Dr.Farooq Ashraf at Riyadh Military Hospital..

thanks, I ll try to get an appointment today.

you may try to visit  prof. faleh alfaleh at advanced medicine center in riyadh 0096611-2004040




Can you avoid posting in caps lock this might make your post easy to read. :)

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Expat-blog team.

Can expats go to this govt hospital?

Does anyone know of a good female gastroenterlogist in Riyadh? Thanks.

Have you found any good doctor if yes then please do let me know


If you're asking about a female gastroenterologist, i found one Algerian doctor. Her name is Fauzia Bouheja and you can find her in Olaya Medical Complex Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib hospital.

For more details please visit the following link,


I also know one male Pakistani gastroenterologist. I dont have his contact detail with me right now but I can share it if you need.


Dear halamadrid,

How was your experience with the algerian doctor ?

We are actually looking as well for a good gastroenterologist doctor...


Hi Gag78,

She is a good doctor, polite and very cooperating. I wish you good luck,

Dear HalaMadrid: Can you please provide details regarding the Pakistani gastro Dr? and which hospital he is available in?

Sorry for the late reply. Here you go with the details,

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Khan
Amal Medical Clinic, Near Malaz Restaurant, Hara, Riyadh
Contact# 0508555383, 0114021010

PS. One General Physician referred me to him, I am yet to made an appointment with him.


My stomach pain for last 3 aiyar I want pakistani doctor

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Khan (Pakistani)
Amal Medical Clinic, Near Malaz Restaurant, Hara, Riyadh
Contact# 0508555383, 0114021010


Dr. Farooq Ashraf in Prince Sultan Military Medical City (his name seems Pakistani but I am not sure :D )
Tel : 0114757900 Ext: 23418, 23419
from 7:30 until 4:30 afternoon.

Try to get an appointment from DR. Farooq Ashraf.He is the best Pakistani gastroenterologist in town by far.

Hello all

It would be so kind of you if you could recommend health professionals in our business directory -  Health in Riyadh

Expat.com Team

Please advise is outside Patient are allowed or only Military Man

If yes can we use our Insurance Card (BUPA)

Please reply

Anyone can suggest me a Pakistani gastroenterologist in Riyadh KSA

Try olaya medical complex and look for Dr. Raouf Kerdahi.

Hello, can you kindly send me the contact number of that Pakistani Dr. thanks.

Does anyone have contact of Pakistani gastroenterologist?

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