IVF/ICSI center in Riyadh KSA

Please suggest us best IVF/ICSI center in Riyadh Saudi Arabia that has good pregnancy success rate?
Any personal experience?
We are a married couple and infertile from last 3 years.

Hi im also in the same situation.. I am torn between obaid and thuriah.. Hope to hear from you where you went and if it went successfully

Dr Bander Al Abdulkarim at Sulaiman al Habeeb hospital, ArRyan Branch, Riyadh.

He is one of the best IVF consultant in KSA. But highly difficult to get an immediate appointment.

Please tell me t, What is the Cost?

any success so far please!
Al the best for you guys and May Allaha Bless you guys with a baby.

Best Regards

I created this post one year back for finding the best IVF center in Riyadh.

We done IVF from Sulaiman Habib Hospital, Arrayan branch. Our doctor was Dr. Bandar Al-Abdelkarim. He is a very good IVF specialist. All facilities in his clinic are latest. Getting immediate appointment of Dr. Bandar is sometime difficult, and you need to book you advanced first appointment before 1/2 weeks. Sulaiman habib hospital has a smartphone app, and you can book your appointment through the app.

Alhamdulillah, our IVF treatment was successful and Allah blessed us a baby. Dr. Bandar told us the success rate at his clinic is around 70%.

The total cost for our IVF treatment was around 18,000 SAR, in which 9,500 SAR were spend on egg retrieval and fertilization. Around 1500 SAR were spend on embryo transfer and IVF lab charges. Other cost were spend on medicines, 4/5 ultrasound scans, blood tests, etc.

Plz tell is ivf covered under insurance?

G.Shabbir :

Please tell me t, What is the Cost?

It costed me SAR13k approx for ICSI procedure. I think Sulaiman Habib has reduced the cost.

Before 2 years it was SAR17k.

No. It's not covered by the Insurance policy.

Was it successful?

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