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Sydney, the land of Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It sounds appealing to visit this place but the cost of moving around in the city may put fog in the exalted mood if not planned properly. As I live in Sydney, I have figured out some smart way to move around in Sydney which might be helpful to you at times as well.

Ok, you landed in Sydney International Airport. The train to city which is $17 will rip you apart. If you catch the bus from just outside the Terminal to Rockdale which is $3.40 and then catch the train to city which is $4.40, wow you already became a smart traveller by saving $9.20.

In the city, they have recently started to operate free shuttle service, which is a Red coloured bus, number 555. You don't have to pay a penny travelling in this bus and you can go to places like Circular Quay, where iconic Opera house and Harbour bridge is situated at absolutely no charge.

If you are planning to go around in Sydney, at least, 5 times in a week, I would suggest you to buy Multi Zone ticket. Multi-Zone will allow you to make as much travel as possible in one week time from the date ticket was purchased within declared Zone. Multi-Zone works for both Bus and Train.

If you are planning to make more trip in Bus than in Train, buy Multi-Ten which can be used only for the bus and remember Multi-Ten is also divided in various Zone like 1, 2, 3 and greater the number more kilometres it will cover and more the cost will be but good news is there is no proper rules to monitor it, so wheresoever, you have to go, do not worry just buy the cheapest My Multi, which is Zone 1.


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