Temporary personal tourist car use in Mauritius


I am an expat currently living in Australia and go to Mauritius on holidays every year. I realise that hiring a car gets quite expensive and decided that I would like to bring one of my cars to Mauritius for personal use when I am there for about a three weeks to a month every year. I understand that I can use my car on a tourist permit which would be cheaper than buying a car there. If anybody has done the same thing or has any good information about how to do it well, please send me some information which would be greatly appreciated. I am intending to be in Mauritius in October this year. Thank you.

You're probably better googling it,and have you also thought of the time it would take for your car to be allowed here,after quarantine time,if any?!
But yeah,google might be your best choice mate.



Hi Stephane

Thank you for info. I'll check it. Cheers.

Dr Dharam

No problem mate.




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