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Do you need a visa to travel to Scotland? What are the relating conditions and formalities? Find out in this article.

If you are planning to move to Scotland, you will obviously start by inquiring on relating conditions and formalities. You should know, above all, that you are required to obtain an appropriate visa to travel there, unless you come from a European Union country.


Regardless of the country where you come from, you must be the holder of a valid passport which you will have to produce to Scottish authorities upon your arrival. This also applies to less than 18 years old children.


As mentioned above, European Union nationals do not need a visa to travel to Scotland, regardless of the duration of their stay in the country. Note, moreover, that Scotland is not part of the Schengen area.

Nationals coming from other countries, on the other hand, must request for an appropriate visa, depending on the duration of their stay. Application has to be made at the Scottish embassy or consulate in their home country as conditions are likely to vary from one nationality to another. Find more information in the article Visas for Scotland and on the UK government's official website.


As elsewhere, you are allowed to import a small quantity of alcoholic and tobacco products in Scotland. Firearms, for their part, are prohibited into the country.

You are allowed to take medication provided these are intended for personal use. However, you must be in possession of a prescription, along with a justification letter issued by your doctor.

Importing foreign currency

Foreign nationals coming from the European Union are allowed to bring any amount of foreign currency.

Those coming from other countries are allowed to declare any amount exceeding a total of 10,000 euros to customs authorities upon their arrival.

Registered Traveller Service

The Registered Traveller Service allows foreign nationals to pass customs checks more rapidly. However, this service is available for nationals of a few countries only. Find more information in the useful links provided below.

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