Advice on Moving back to Scotland

Greetings All.

My Mother is a British Citizenship and has been living in South Africa for 27 years. My mother is currently a pensioner and at the age of 65. Unfortunately South Africa has become unstable and not safe for my mother at all.  The other is crime is on the rise and I fear for her well being.

I have tried to find a contact who can guide or assist me in being able to get some perspective and guidance on the correct process to follow in arranging to get my mother back to Scotland.

Can someone perhaps contact me or put me in touch with the correct people who is able to assist. Unfortunately I have tried other channels, but was unsuccessful in getting the right guidance.

I would appreciate any advice in this regard.


Mark Blair

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Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum.

Have you contacted the British consulate yet ? … -cape-town


Dear Bhavana

I hope this message finds you well. I have not tried the consulate at this point. I was hoping to get more insight on this forum.

I am too looking to expatriate.  Things in SA are truly unstable.  I have a British Passport and my wife is South African. Just don't know where to begin or what to do.


Mark Blair

Hi Mark,

It may best for your first port of call to be either the British High Commission or the British Consulate in South Africa who ought to be able to guide you accordingly. Have you no relatives or friends in Scotland who may receive your Mum? If your Mum has nowhere to go on arrival that may hinder the process indefinitely.

Very best wishes,


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