Will the UK remain one of the most attractive country for expats?

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the UK is the most attractive country for young French people, as well as for many other nationalities. London, among other cities in the UK, offers a good and dynamic environment in terms of business, culture, sports, outings...

But would a Brexit threaten this position? Would the soon-to-be expats be influenced at the time of selecting their host country?

As we cannot predict what agreement will be signed between the EU and the UK, I am just asking for your first reaction.

It would seem that since the UK population voted in favour of Brexit that things have gotten worse and worse, with very many people being unprepared for the eventuality of a Brexit and which has surprised so many.

Many European nationals are seriously worried about their future in the UK. The UK economy is declining rapidly in turmoil and the British pound has already lost so much of it's value against the Euro, Dollar, Yen and almost every other currency in the world. So Europeans now considering to try to move to the UK will be faced with an insecure job future, a weak currency for their salary, and unfortunately some hostility against foreigners.

With some major UK and foreign companies now considering moving their base into Europe or Ireland, we can only wait and see what the future holds for the UK and whether it will still be seen as a "great" place to come to live.

My personal feelings have always been against a Centralized European Government controlled by European politicians, and I feel optimistic about the future of the UK, perhaps not for the immediate two or three years, but beyond that I feel that the UK will become even greater than it has been.

I also think that if the UK adopts a points system for immigration then this may well benefit nationals from non EU countries seeking to work and make a new life in the UK.

I feel that despite so many people being worried and suffering now in the UK, that without the controls of the EU political system in the future, the UK will prosper under it's own rules.

Brexit will not stop immigration into the UK; the UK cannot work without immigrants and legal immigrants do contribute to the UK economy, to the benefit of all who live there; that is assuming the UK Government invest the benefits in resources needed to provide the extra housing, healthcare, social and education support required to support the influx of people - this is where it has gone badly wrong and probably a significant reason many Brits voted out.

Assuming they adopt a system similar to Australia (points based), qualified people (it doesn't matter if they are French), with jobs to go to, will probably get in quite easily; what will stop is people turning up with no work.

Cynic :

......what will stop is people turning up with no work.

Exactly, and that is what many Brits were fed up with.

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