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A short flight away from prominent European capitals lies the less known, less explored, and, thus, very well suited for a travelling freelancer, Romania. Romania is a trip back in time to the accompaniment of blazing fast internet and a gentle sea breeze.

Why Romania?

Romania’s central European location makes travel to and from the country easy. With that, the cost of living in Romania is relatively low compared to other European countries.

Boasting one of the fastest average bandwidth in the world and a generous selection of coworking spaces, Romania has all the ingredients needed for an ideal remote work setting. It has a thriving startup scene with a developed IT and tech ecosystem and frequent nomad meetups. Add to that a pleasant coastal climate and the mystery of vampirish folklore, and you have a young and quickly developing digital nomad destination.

Best cities to work from

Located on the same latitude as Milan, Bucharest is Romania’s capital and largest city — as well as one of the largest cities in Southeastern Europe and the sixth largest city in the European Union. With the population of over 2.5 million people, Bucharest is a busy urban centre during the week and much quieter on the weekends when most residents travel to the nearby seaside and mountains. A good 4G coverage, plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots, coffee shops and coworking spaces make Bucharest a strong contender among the most promising cities in Europe for digital nomads.

Cluj may be a hard name to pronounce, but it’s said to be a very easy city to live in. With a lower cost of living compared to Bucharest, Cluj seduces with a more laid-back lifestyle but the same quality of internet and selection of working spots.

Timisoara skilfully combines tradition and modern culture and offers its residents all the amenities expected of a large metropolitan area. With that, Timisoara is a city of parks and lush greenery and is often nicknamed “Little Vienna” for its historically beautiful architecture.

The internet and coworking spaces

Romania boasts some of the best internet speeds in the world. The country’s overall minimum download speed is clocked at 25 Mbps, and peak speeds sit around 58.7 Mbps.

There is a high number of free Wi-Fi hotspots in big cities in coffee shops, buses, and taxis. The internet in Romania is also cheaper than in most other European countries (only Bulgaria and Russia are said to have lower internet prices).

The independent worker community is thriving, which, in turn, has resulted in a large number of makerspaces, coworking hubs, and temporary office options.

Coworking spaces in Bucharest

Impact Hub Bucharest, Splaiul Unirii 165, Timpuri Noi Square, clădirea 2, etaj 1

TechHub Bucharest, Parter, Strada Nicolae Filipescu 39-41

Pura Vida Hub Bucharest, Strada Smârdan 15

Coworking spaces in Cluj

Cluj Cowork, Strada Emil Isac, Cluj-Napoca

Cluj Hub, Strada Pitești 19

Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca, Clădirea A, nr D, Strada Gării 21

Coworking spaces in Timisoara

Startup Hub Timișoara, Strada Coriolan Brediceanu

Cowork Timisoara, Strada Arieș 19, Casa Tineretului, etaj 2, sala 206

Leisure in Romania

A country of hilltop castles, enigmatic natural landscapes, and beautiful cities and towns, Romania offers plenty of pastimes and sights to its visitors. For most, a trip to Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) will be a must while other historical artefacts include: Peles Castle, Corvin Castle, Voronet Monastery, Poenari Castle, and Palace of Culture. Plus, there is a wide variety of natural sites to discover: Bâlea Lake, Poiana Brașov ski resort, Lake Vidraru, Turda Gorge, and the Red Lake.

What to know before arriving

Residents of most countries can benefit from visa-free travel to Romania for a period of up to 90 days, and those from European Union countries can enter the country with their National Identity Card. If you plan to stay in Romania longer, you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit. You can do that before arriving in the country or at least 30 days before your 90-day stay expires.

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