work salary - 1000euros, how much will i get after taxes?

Hello :cheers:  iam thinking about taking a jobb offer i got in Romania. The salary is 1000 euros gross per month. How much will i get in my pay check after taxes based on that salary?

Hello Jonathan,
Your income will be taxed at a flat rate of 16%, upfront: Your employer must calculate, deduct and pay your earned income tax; the tax will be final and you don't have to submit a tax return. Here is some more information:

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1000 EURO = 4400 RON (give or take), this will result in a net salary of 3086 RON (which is roughly 701 EURO, based on the same exchange rate of 1 EURO = 4,4 RON). Therefore after income tax and social contributions around 30% of the gross salary is taken off to get to the net salary ...

You can calculate gross to net income here:

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Hi Guys, I am very interested to know what the position is, and whether people belive that is a satisfactory salary to live on...

700 euro's

It's liveable, but it largely depends on one's lifestyle and also of whether it's in Bucuresti or in "the provinces" :)

Unfortunately, in terms of Romania this is a great salary. Think yourself, an average teacher earns 900 lei (200 euro) per month. However, this 1000 euro gross salary is not enough for decent living. I live in Romania for 2 years and the best job offer that I've received here is more than twice smaller than what I receive now working as a freelance translator for my home country.

701 euros

So on what i read, it's 16% income tax, plus Social Security 10.5%, Health Fund 5.5%, Unemployment Fund .5%.
So that is 32.5% tax.

If you are earning 1000 Euro your tax is 325 Euro.
That leaves your with 675 NET income.

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