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If you are moving to Warsaw, the Polish capital city, you will enjoy several leisure activities during your free time: sports, visits, entertainment, etc.

Find, in this article, everything you need to know about the leisure activities available in Warsaw, the Polish capital city.

As the capital city of Poland, Warsaw attracts many expatriates and tourists every year. Thanks to its tremendous historical and cultural heritage, the city provides several leisure activities to its residents. So if you are planning to move there, you are definitely not likely to get bored. You may enjoy your free time to discover the surroundings, and why not practice sports?


Sports are very popular in Warsaw, like in most international European cities. Warsaw, for instance, hosts not less than 40 covered swimming pools, many gyms and sports clubs, as well as ski slopes, ice rinks, golf courses, etc. You can also indulge in different types of sports such as climbing, tennis, badminton, skateboard, among others.

Extreme sports fans, for their part, can choose from karting, squash, and event paintball with friends.


Warsaw is a highly cultural city. So you are likely to enjoy different events such as concerts, shows, openings, culture cafes, theaters, and many others. Moreover, the Polish capital city regularly hosts big cultural events (including competitions, festivals, cinema), both during the day and at night. These events are generally announced on the city's official portal. Warsaw will definitely seduce you with its diverse and full cultural agenda.


Most of the restaurants that you'll find in Warsaw offer the traditional Polish cuisine. However, you can still find a few international restaurants in the city, including African, German, Mexican, French, Asian, Indian and Jewish cuisine.

Besides fine cuisine restaurants, you will also find pizzas, fast foods, coffee shops, etc., almost everywhere in the city.

Visit Warsaw

Whether you have moved to Warsaw alone or with your family, feel free to enjoy your leisure time by visiting the surroundings, As a historical city, Warsaw hosts several museums and monuments which are regularly visited, both by locals and tourists. You will also find a zoological garden with some 5,000 animals.

Note that you can visit Warsaw on foot or thanks to the different public means of transports available, namely bus, subway, tramway, etc.

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