Moving personal belongings

We're in the process of moving to D.R but I was curious how much taxes are charged by customs? Or How long must you have your dual citizenship to apply for a tax exception? And How long does it take to get your stuff out of customs after it's arrival?
You get an exemption immediately with residency....personal belongings and a vehicle (if you choose)

Get a customs broker to help.... try Hispaniola Freight

I am sure you'll get other suggestions too.

Lots of info already written here about the exemptions.....keep reading !
willngrace:  Where are you coming from?
Dual citizenship is different then residency.

Do you have citizenship because you or your family is Dominican?  Or did you go through residency?

If via residency you have a 6 month window to do this.

If citizenship because you are Dominican there is a different set of rules!
willngrace:  Where are you coming from?
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Profile says USA

@planner I have the same question but I am Dominican. Do you know what are the rules for Dominicans? Or can you tell me where to find the information? Thanks in advance.

I am pretty sure you can bring your "household" goods in after a. Period of time outside the country. I do not know the rules.  However, I will ask my customs broker for help on this.

Feel free to reach out to her as well Suggey Toribio (809) 861-1911 it's her phone and WhatsApp

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The very first thing that I would suggest you do is to read the freshly updated Living in Dominican Republic guide, packed with information about this beautiful country.
In the Formalities in Dominican RepublicRelocating to the Dominican Republic you will find useful information about customs.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask them.

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@vero please don't recommend that guide, it's FL or errors which can and will cause confusion.
@willngrace02  hello. I am not a resident of DR as of yet I am in the process but I bought a home here in Caleta La Romana so i brought over all  house items from microwave to you name it. I did pay taxes on a new TV and new refrigerator.took me about 35 to 40 days to get my stuff from door to door. I didn't use a freight forwarder I used a Dominican guy who does this type of stuff as a business. Lot cheaper too

I bought 55 gallons blue plastic drums and packed them with everything I can think of since they don't charge you by weight.

Not sure where in the states are you located but if you ask around I am sure there is a Dominican business that does this type of transport .

BTW all my stuff arrived intact. The same way I packed it in barrel .

Any questions  let me know


@Rich1162  Hola Rich, can you please share the information of the guy who helped you? I am still in the states but will be moving very soon. I have contacted several companies here but they are very expensive. Thank you!