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Hi, I will be moving to Italy sometime next year. I have a dual citizenship and I will be working online and part time, teaching students in the States,  who will be sending the payment to my bank account in the US which I will keep open for this very purpose. When I file  taxes from Italy, should I use an Italian accountant or do I have to find someone familiar with the American system?  I am kind of in the dark as far as this particular matter.  Should I go by the American dead line for filing and  Is there something I should be aware of that I do not know?

I would appreciate anyone who could share some light into this matter for me.
Thank you very much Anna
I am sorry I can not recommend an accountant, but I suggest you use a local Italian accountant that has knowledge of international taxes. The USA embassy in Italy will be able to suggest some to you.

Thank you so much for your reply. i appreciate that. I am Italian and my first language is Italian. therefore I know pretty well how to get around. I don't think i will  have any problems finding the right person, or at least I hope.

Ciao Anna,

Look at the US Embassy website and advice for citizens and you'll find recommendations for accountants who understand both systems.

Ciao Michelle,

Grazie, i will do that. Ciao
I think you will need an Italian and a US accountant.  You are working in ITaly and therefore the taxes are payable in ITaly at Italian rates.   But the IRS will want your taxes so it will take a bit of juggling with the Dual Tax System. 

Anna, you need an Italian accountant for your Italian tax return (you need to pay taxes in both countries but you will get a tax credit for any taxes you do pay) as Italian income taxes are likely higher than US you will have to pay the difference between the two. I would advise that you find an Italian accountant who has experience with tax credits from the US. If you don't have a complicated return you can likely file your US taxes on line by April 15 so your Italian accountant has the US return to use for your Italian return which you pay twice a year in June and November.  Do not take this lightly, the tax people are very understanding if you try to do the right thing but not so much if you don't. Enjoy your new life!!!
@James Dion

Thank you James, for explaining how the system works. I find it hard to believe that I have to pay taxes in both countries. Are you sure of it? After all I will be working on zoom  teaching people in the US. Also, I have read some of the replies from a couple of other people saying that I need  two accountants. That means  that  all my part time job income will go on taxes and accountants and  that is absurd.  I hope it is not the case.
Any way, I guess i will found out when the time comes. I definitely want to do the right thing.
Enjoy your time in Italy, as far as myself, it will still be a while before I can move.

Dear Annab..I think you can post in Facebook and you can also search the current bank rules for foreign immigrants

Thank you

Anna,  I can understand your frustration. The US is the only country in the world that taxes its citizens on worldwide income.  If you are an Italian citizen working in the US you only pay US taxes as you are not resident in Italy. But being a US citizen you are liable for US taxes no matter where you live and as a resident of Italy you have to pay there too. However, as I said, if you have a relatively simple income you can prepare your US return yourself online, it is not difficult, and then give that information to your Italian accountant who by the way will not charge you like a US accountant, likely only a few hundred euros if that. It will also help you if you withhold income tax from your online teaching to the US government as you receive it, that way you will not potentially incur some fines for not withholding. You will not pay your part-time income to report.  Just stay legal!!  Good luck.

Why do you think I'm from the USA?  And why are you talking about taxes?  Do you know me well?!!

Sorry, I was replying to annab1414.  I have no idea how you received the reply. Is it not addressed to @annab1414?
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@James Dion

Thanks again for your help, it is really very valuable. I have never done taxes on my one because I am not good with that kind of things. My income is simple when it comes to  the teaching job, but I need to file the rent  from my little place in Rome and at that point I would get lost. Hopefully I can find in Italy one accountant who can do both, file for the IRS in the US and in Italy. it would really be too expensive otherwise. I will definitely make a copy of all the informations you gave me and go from there. Thanks again for your time. It is really appreciated. I am italian and I know Italians tend to " not stay legal", but living abroad for so many years I have learned that it is not worse it. I am also a very honest person anyway! I do not like all the headaches of illegalities....
Take care and good luck to you too. Nowadays  we  all need it! ciao 
Hello annab1414,

You can also read about taxes in the Guide here : Tax in Italy.

Best of luck

Djameel Team

Thank you very much for your reply. I just saw it. I appreciate it. take care
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@annab1414 James is absolutely correct. (Worldwide) Income must be declared here in Italy. The IS will have a taxation agreement with Italy. For instance my husbands pays taxes in the U.K. and the difference (as tax are higher here) in Italy as per the taxation agreement between the UK and Italy. We have an Italian accountant and one in the U.K. Watch out because as James says the Agenzia delle Entrate won't be very understanding if you don't pay what's due and maybe not immediately but they will find out if there was any income which is liable of taxation here in Italy.  It's worth getting your facts straight and hopefully an Italian accountant who's up to speed with the US taxation system too. Good luck!


THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE ADVISE AND INFORMATION. I am not planning to do anything illegal, I never have. I am sure i will be able to find an Italian accountant who can do both. I guess I just have to look for one or someone here on this thread will eventually lead me to one in the Rome are. Take care