Short term job in Italy wondering about tax implications

I am currently a US resident who has been offered a 6 month paid position at a University writing some scientific papers. I will only be in Italy for a few weeks altogether. I am interested to know:
What are the US/Italy tax implications?
Is travel and housing deductible?

Thank you for any guidance you can give me before I accept this position.

You should do a search on that. I had my share of research to do. This is what I found out that were key points for me.

Being in Italy for the better half of a year (6 months and 3 days), you get tax cuts. Whopping less than 4% on taxes.

If you stay less than that you will pay double taxes both USA and Italian taxes. Although you can't be taxed 2ce on the same income, it is still tricky... but money wise.. not worth it. Adventure wise.. heck yeah. But be ready to be severely annoyed with Italian bureaucracy, laziness, hint of rude and not much tolerance. The landscapes and gelato makes it all worth it though! (Italian shuts down completely in august, no attempts made to improve the country, you see people throwing cigarette buds on the floor in an otherwise incredibly beautiful setting, landscape, historic center.. and they don't care...  sad really. They do not know what they have! But yes, google is your friend!