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Hi everyone.
We have owned a house on the outskirts of Carovigno since 2006, and visit at least twice and sometimes up to 5 times a year, and rent it out during the summer months.  We love our house and our visits, but it is never simple getting anything achieved.  Partly our fault.  The man we bought our land from speaks fluent German and so do I, so that was our common language, right up until we parted company last year. 
Anyway, our problem is we are trying to pay our TARI.  As we are only there for around 5 months of the year absolute maximum, we know we get a reduced rate, but.....nobody will tell us where we need to go to pay it!  We have an accountant who sorts all our other payments out, but only shrugs when we mention TARI.  We are now in a situation where we have guests arriving very shortly and need to get our refuse collection sorted out.
Is there anyone out there who knows where in Carovigno this needs to be paid, and if we can arrange it by email?  Any help would be invaluable.
Many thanks in anticipation

Hello Corinne,

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I hope that our members will help you to sort out this issue very soon.

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Thanks so much for your concern I have really appreciate. But I will still want to know if you are in Europe now.

I am not in .Europe  I am now in Sudan. Don't tell me this is hard please....

Okay, but how are you doing over there? I just feel like having special friends in my life so that we can explore the world together.

Hi Corinne,
Were you able to sort out your taxes? They can be paid at the comune or online if you have an Italian bank account.
Here are the contacts to find out how much you owe:
Comune di Carovigno
Provincia di Brindisi
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 1
72012 Carovigno ( Br )
Telefono: 0831 997111
Email: [email protected]
Posta Elettronica Certificata: [email protected]
Regards, Michelle

I have already contacted them and ended up going round in circles. We are going to our house Tuesday so will try to sort it all out with them in person while we are there, but thank you for your help. Our main problem us that our Italian isn't that good, but hopefully we will be able to sort it out.
Best wishes

TARI is an imposta, so the comune will send you a bill.   Nowadays with QR codes and whatnot they can be paid at tabacchi, the PO or via your bank.

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