How much is the TAX in ITALY...??

does anybody knows how much is the TAX in ITALY>?

where can i BUy a simcard(nano) when i Arrived in the airport?? and how much as well??

thank you

just bring money with you worth 4,000 to 5,000 philippine money to make sure.. because there something you need to pay in the philippine airport... and in italy you don't have to pay anything... about simcard, if you are just having a tourist visa, you cannot buy simcard here because to buy simcard, you need to have a fiscal code and italian identity card...  better if you know someone in italy that can buy simcard for you...

I don't know what the person who responded to you was talking about but we arrived in Rome and went to Vodofone and got nano SIM cards for our IPhones for 30 Euros. That included 200 minutes, 200 texts & 2 GB of data and expired in 30 days. You're phone has to be unlocked through your carrier (my fiance had no problem with sprint but I had some issues with AT&T). It's best if you have an old phone that has finished it's plan, if you're not finished with your plan some companies won't unlock your phone. Good luck!