L or B Card

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I am working in Belgium from March 2017 under Expat status, I changed to Local employer last year. Next month I complete 5 years in Belgium. Can I apply for B or L card beginning of April?.
I have seen few posts that ruled changes last year, 5 years of Social security is required to get B or L card.

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I suggest you apply for B first. This will allow you to work in Belgium for next 5 years.

Next step, apply for L to so that you can work in EU for next 10 years or apply for Belgium Nationality. Even if they reject (unfortunately), you still have your PR (Type B). You can switch the company with type B PR.

Many thanks for your reply.  As per your comments, B will be approved and for L there are chances for rejection?

What is L card? I have never heard of.
Apply for D card instead. The difference is that with D you can apply under EU law and it gives access to EU market. Also it must be approved within 6 months while the B card approval can last as much as government pleases.

L is new name of D Card from July 2021

Have you gotten through with the application for L card?