New members of the Kuwait forum, introduce yourselves here - 2022

Hi all,

Newbie on the Kuwait forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Kuwait if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Not new but I vanished for a while lol 😂 butttt I decided to come back as one of my goals in 2022 resolutions list require this step 🧚🏼‍♂️😁.

Welcome back to Expat community ☺

After about a year of Covid-19 restrictions, i opted to come back to Kuwait.

@Moo Thank you

my name is Mohamed

Hi All,

I moved to Kuwait about 10 days back. So new to the place. Staying in Mangaf for now.

I am working as Land surveyor.. Having 14th year experience but now a days job market is down ..if someone have any information kindly let me know..

Alright 😊 how are you doing today 😊

Hi, I'm new to Kuwait, been here since 4 months now with my family. Very hard to make friends not sure where to start nice weather compared to uk nice houses nice places but as yet that's as good as it's gets. Not sure Where's the best place to join for hospital or gp doctors with private health insurance. If anybody can advise me I would be grateful, I'm english my 2 children English my husband kuwaity

Hi.... very soon bye bye to kuwait  :cheers:

I'm working in kuwait as engineer and try to open a private project besides my work as an engineer

Hi all,

Newbie for the Kuwait forum? Don't know how to start? I'm from Bethesda, MD no idea where to turn on this shiny city with nice weather.....

anyone can give a tip on how to make friends after work


What do you do here?

Welcome all to expat blog.

Hi,I am mohammad abu sufian. I am an electrical engineer. I am working in Singapore. I am a new member  of expat.i find a new job in kuwait.

I'm Tanz living in Kuwait from past 22 years, It's amazing here. [moderated - no advertising please] 00*** my contact number and available in WhatsApp to help or advise on these subjects.

Thank you
HI Tanvaz,
I suggest you to post your service on the classified section.
I am Isaac from Ghana. I am a professional teacher in Ghana with 10years teaching experience.
I am interested moving to Kuwait for a new job. Any help for me?
Hello newbie here,blessed day to all,hope can give me advice,i 've done my mecical last march 17 and untill now the result is not yet done,is there any problem having a delayed result of my medical,
Hi everyone.
My is Muhammad Jamiu
I work as  fashion designer and I am planning on moving to Kuwait
I really really love to live in Kuwait

Hello guys! Not new here in expat and been working in kuwait for sometime now..ive also sent inquiries here regarding my personal experiences but not in kuwait but in saudi. I still choose kuwait as one of my country of preference.

I am Muhammad Rashid
From Pakistan live in Karachi
I am ophthalmic technician
I have required job in Kuwait.
I want go to kuwait but i need working visa i am Eye technician how can i get that job.
Thank you
Please guide me

@gulammohiuddin21 Iam too brother and also live in mangaf


I am a teacher, supposed to be moving to Kuwait in August. Currently living in Germany. Have previously lived in Ukraine, Germany, the UK and Russia. Looking forward to exploring Kuwait!
Hey. I am from the UK, currently in Kuwait.

Let me know if you have any questions
@Julien My name is Patrick Paul Kazibwe,Am a Uganda but still in Uganda,I would like to move to Kuwait after getting a job,I have worked in two countries,Iraq as a security guard for a period of 2years,I worked with SOC/SMG in Camp Bucca and Bagdad camp Victory in American bases 2008-2010

In October 2011 I moved to Dubai and worked for Transguard group LLC for a period of 9 years,I was a crew Team leader and working in a CIT department,Cash in transit guard from 2011-2020 and good a certificate of completion of contract,

Right now am not employed and looking for a job,

I will be grateful to join you guys if you happen to help me get employed anywhere in Kuwait
Hi everyone

Just recently moved to Kuwait from UK.
How's the weather in Kuwait ?

I'm Chris, from the United States, and I'll be heading over soon. I've been in the region, before.

Looking forward to travelling, again.
Hi All,

Hope you people are enjoying weekend, i just joined this forum. I will be keen to share knowledge and receive the same as well.


@Julien hi

@tanvaz hi one go to tawani

Hi neumboamalia,

Welcome to! 1f603.svg

Your comment is not very clear, is there something you would like to know / to share about life in Kuwait ? If you have specific questions, you shouldn't hesitate to create a new thread on the Kuwait Forum to discuss with other members.

Vero team

@gulammohiuddin21  welcome to kuwait hope u will enjoy u stay and like the city

hi every body i am expats living in kuwait - i enjoy it and rather than the hot summer but the winter in kuwait is fantastic - there is a lot to see rather than the malls - go to the old souq in kuwait city -the old market - failaka island - take a tour with a boat near marina - there is a lot to explore here in kuwait
Hello Edwin khasindu,

Welcome to Expat.com1f603.svg

How can we assist you?

What are you looking for on this forum?

Do not hesitate to ask your questions.


Cheryl team
Im yacine from algeria looking forward to Abroad and live in Koweït
As a bts graduate of electrical enginnering with 3 years of experience in the service of maintenance of cevital .
I wish you could apply for my message and get an answer from you and be conviced
My salutations

@Moo hi good evening can i ask?i am now in kuwait i am visa 20 possible i i go in dubai exit visa to make it visa 22 family?possible?