Squash players

Having just relocated to Q8, Id love to know if there are squash forums/clubs or anyone looking for a partner to play squash with.

The same is here

Hello, just came from Egypt few days ago.
I am looking for a squash partner (moderate level) and cheap courts as well in salmia or near to

im interested to play ***

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I'm interested too so let's make a group and coordinate between us

Did you make a group?
Did u start playing squash?

Not yet just waiting for people to gather … anyone who is interested please send me your number through a message.

Is anyone interested in starting a group to play squash on a Friday afternoon?

@Damian Moore yes sure, i am in

@Damian Moore hey I am  if this is still on

Do you both know Al Qudsia Sports Club Hawally? Are you free on the first Saturday in November at 3-4pm

Im free now summer is all but done!


I'm interested. Please add me to the group. I've sent my number Damian!

Any squash or tennis or badminton games going on? Location and what time? I can usually go from 7pm and after most days. And Fridays anytime after 1pm


Trying to organise a squash league at Qadsia Sports Club from 3-5 pm the first Saturday of every month if you are interested.

WhatsApp me on *** if interested

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HI guys...

I need a squash partner and I also want to learn to play the game.

Hello Fahad,

Please drop an advert in the Kuwait classifieds under the activities section, you might get an offer.

all the best


Hi anybody needs a squash partner .. please contact ***

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The Palms Beach Hotel and Resort at Al Bitta Road has Squash court for their Members.


Salmiya Sports Centre...no bookings so first come first served (no pun intended)

@Rickow hi, am kind of a beginner but I do play sometimes at Salmiya sports club

And when do you usually play? What days and from when to when ?