Mixed gym in/near Fintas

Hi All,

My husband and I would like to join a gym together. We are used to paying about 53KWD a month (each) at home for a gym, classes and pool.
I have seen the gyms posted on kuwait-gyms.com/ but the gyms seem very overpriced and the only one we would actually consider is far away. We would rather not have to get a taxi anywhere so a gym in Fintas would be great.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

@ak299 even in looking for mixed gym within 50kd a month each person. Did you find any? In kuwait

your best bet would be hotels that have a gym attached, otherwise you'd need to venture out of your living area. Most gyms are segregated, even the known gyms like Circuit+, Flare, Oxygen etc. mixed gyms are the exception, not the norm. except hotels.