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Hope anyone who is reading this is well.

I wanted to ask opinions on finding jobs for expatriates in Serbia.

Is is difficult to land a job in Serbia since most people doesn't speak much of English?
Do you have any recommendations or suggestion on applying for a job?

Additionally, I'm currently working in an Office here in Dubai, UAE. I hope it will also be an advantage to find a job in the city of Serbia.

Thank you in advance for your responses. :top:

Stay Safe! :)

Hi Cath,

There are several companies in Serbia... you could try NCR based in Belgrade, they just opened a new campus facility that will hold 4,500 people and are advertising for staff all the time.

I need to hear job offers, thanks

Try to find it here.
Companies that publish an ad in English in most cases also offer jobs to foreigners.

https://poslovi.infostud.com/oglasi-za- … e=homepage

Hi Frensy,

I appreciate your response.

I will check and look into it. Moreover, I'm curious to know how was it working at Serbia. Perhaps you could share your experience, if you don't mind.

Thank you in advance. :top:



Hi Cath,

I was fortunate I guess in that I already worked for NCR when I lived in the UK. I was asked to come over to Serbia to help out on a particular project. My company told me: "it might be for a couple of weeks or maybe a month". In reality this was extended to 15 months and after a couple of weeks back in the UK they asked me if I would be willing to return and take up the position on a permanent basis.

The downside if there is one is that I had to convert to a Serbian contract and Serbian salary which meant a reduction in pay of some 60% from my UK salary. I considered everything and reasoned that it is less expensive to live in Serbia than it is in the UK. I also loved being in Serbia and so I decided to accept the offer and stay here.

I first came to Serbia in February 2015 and, despite all my family living in the UK, there is not a single day that goes by where I consider ever returning. I still work for the same company although I took up a different position and I still love being here.

Hi Fernsy,

Hope everything is well with you!

I'm so thankful to you for sharing your experiences and information about having a job in Serbia. I'm sure that you enjoy your work place and your lifestyle there in Serbia than in UK. It sounds to me that you prefer a laid back environment than a hassle and busy city life. Well I could say that is a great choice.  :top:
Hopefully we could have a chance to meet once I get there.  ;)

Enjoy and keep safe! :)

Best regards,

Hi Balkan Advisor,

Thank you for sharing this link. I browsed the link before and most of the job post are written in Serbian language, I asked my boyfriend to translate it in English since I can't understand it.  :D

I appreciate your assistance with my query. If it happens that you can recommend other site, I'm welcome with it.

Thank you in advance. :top:

Best regards,

I need job opportunities

Hello everyone,

Just a little reminder, any body looking for a job, kindly create your CV in the Serbia job section.

Best of luck.


Expat.com team.

I need job

Sunil ojha wrote:

I need job

Sorry to be so brutal.
You will not find work there unless your skills are such that no local can do it.

Heya Fernsy

Hope you are doing well! May I pleas annoy you, I would like to get your take on  working  for your company. If its ok with you I'm happy to do a quick zoom when you have time.

Thank you for your time.

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