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About Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia's capital city, is an ancient city, where 7000-year-old settlements have been identified. Today, expats will enjoy a modern, European city, which never sleeps ' from restaurants and theatres to bars and clubs, there's something for everyone.

Outside the city, there are endlessly beautiful and unspoilt Serbian landscapes for the outdoorsy expats. Flatlands in the north are fertile from the hot, humid summers and cold winters, whereas the more mountainous south has a drier summer heat and snowy winters. The climate is ideal for the cultivation of raspberries, and Serbia is among the world's largest raspberry exporters (Russia, Poland, USA, and Mexico).

The country's economy has seen rapid growth since independence, and income falls in the upper-middle range. The service sector is the biggest employer, and there has been a recent increase in the number of I.T. jobs and manufacturing due to multinational corporations' investment.

Quick Information

Capital : Belgrade
Official Languages : Serbian , Hungarian , Bosnian
Currency : Dinar
Area : 88361 Km2
Population : 7344847
Calling Code : +381
Timezone : Europe/Belgrade

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