Real estate investment in Serbia: Advice

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I'm from South Africa and considering the possibility of buying property in Serbia. My situation: I have about 22 000 Euro to work with, and urgently need to get these funds out of my home country as government confiscations are looming.

I'm specifically looking for something not just to live in myself, but which would also be a sound investment.

Is it still possible to qualify for residency in Serbia based on real estate ownership?

What can I afford on this budget (at best) in: Belgrade, Novi Sad, and smaller towns and villages?

Your time and info is very much appreciated, thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,

Hi Carter,

A short answer is yes the will allow you enough to purchase a house in a smaller town/village. In Belgrade you might get 15 sqm for that price and in Novi Sad about 20 to 25 sqm. In smaller villages you can get a decent house but, it might require a little renovation work.

I can refer you to a lawyer that can assist you with residency, property purchase, forming a company, etc..

Regards from Serbia


Please also provide me the contact of the lawyer that can help me in company formation

Sent a PM with a link to his website. Aleksandar speaks really good English.


I can recommend you the lawyer that helped me to get residency in Serbia on a basis of company formation. 
If you are interested, send me a message.


Hi Kneeland,

Are you still in Serbia ?
I am in a similar situation to the S African poster above and require similar information

Much appreciated if you are able to communicate

Best regards,

Drop me a PM with your questions. 

Regards from Serbia 
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