New to Russia

I married Russian women , five years ago,and now planning to move to Russia , Chelyabinsk, I am from Australian , working as professional chef, wife work in administration,  togather we want live our life in Russia, any one who speak and write English will be great, many thanks , planning to move in September 2021, hope things will go better   And change in life and life style .

Paul and olga from Chelyabinsk .

Mate I'd recommend you go for a year first rather than commit forever to live there. Russia has a lot of positives but so does Australia. Do not imagine it is the promised land however it also can be amazing and interesting.

Thank you so much, for your kind words, have a great day.

Wow, Chelyabinsk! I was actually born here but left at 6 or 7. :D
How did you choose this particular city?
And I agree with dysonsphere, this is a whole new world so no rush, please. :)

thank you dear.for your message. have a great day.

Which state of Australia are you? I am in victoria , 3151x

My wife is from Chelyabinsk she work there and been living for many years, of I got to go and be there, and spend life up there, we see have time fly togather we can make different in our daily life 😁😁Previte and hello to all have a great day. Poka