looking for a job in moscow

hey my names tyler just wondering what my chances of finding work in moscow? i have nearly 9 years of machine operating experience and some carpentry too. me and my wife want to move back to her family

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Hi  l am looking for job

I am also want a job

It's a difficult question. As long as Russians usually don't speak English, it's gonna be the first obstacle. Second, we have less expensive workers from Tajikistan. So I'm not sure that salary is reasonable for you. Third, Russian borders are closed in the meantime.

So wt I do.... These nearly to open all border

All the guys who wrote above me, with all the due respect, aren't able to write correct sentences even in their own language (English). Learning Russian? Oh, that will be hard, a full-time job per se, if we are talking about jobs.
You want compete with Tadzhiks, Uzbeks etc. who usually speak good Russian - well not all of course - and demand a low salary (if compared to Western standards)? I don't think this will end well for you.

Hi I have to be honest with you I don't think it's a good idea for you and your wife to go to Russian…..I have been living here in Russian for close to 2 years now and is very difficult,plus you don't know the language it's needless….if where you are now you are working and trying to make some money continue where you are ….,Russian is very difficult for foreigners.