Foreign parent Australian Child under 18 - What visa?


My friend divorced her Australian husband and her child under 18 is an Australian Citizen.
However, it is very unclear the process for the Mother to bring her daughter back home to Australia.
The ex Husband is remaining overseas.

Is there anyone with immigration agents details that may have knowledge of such a situation and how best to guide them through the process.

The child obviously has family in Australia.

Appreciate any advice the only suggestion so far is a visa for a contributing parent but that takes many years to process from what I read.

Hi Shiney15,

Just saw your question and wish to help if it is not too late.

You mentioned the contributed parent visa subclass 143/173, yes it is one of the permanent visas that the mother can apply for, but it will take at least 5 years to get granted if someone,  who is an Australian taxpayer, willing to provide the assurance of support (AOS).

Alternatively, the mother can apply for a 3 years visitor visa to bring the daughter into Australian first (ofcourse both mother and daughter need to have travel exemption during the Covid19 restriction).

Once the mother and daughter is landed in Australia, the mother is still entitled to apply for subclass 143/173 visa while staying in Australia.

If the mother had had the Australian permanent visa before, there will be a possibility to just reinstate her permanent visa.

Without knowing the full circumstances, I am reluctant to suggest any other visa options as you might understand.


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